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Resumes of geophysicists Brett D. Smith, Ed Kilduff and Douglas H. Krohn

Geophysical Surveys by ECA Geophysics

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ECA Geophysics, a registered subsidiary of Environmental Compliance Associates, LLC, has offices in Kennewick, Washington and Boise, Idaho. We design and perform ground-penetrating radar (GPR), electromagnetic induction, electrical resistivity, magnetic, seismic refraction, gravity and VLF surveys throughout the United States, including Alaska, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Idaho, Louisiana, Montana, Oregon, South Dakota, Utah, Washington and Wyoming.h


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USA TODAY voted the Colorado School of Mines the Number 1 engineering college in the United States (see ). ECA Geophysics personnel have graduate degrees from (or taught courses at) this top-ranked school.


Geophysics improves your environmental or construction project with "fill-in" information between exploratory borings.
Geophysics is highly effective in the following areas:
Drum / tank / debris detection for remedial excavation projects (have reduced costs as much as 80 percent!)
Delineating boundaries for landfill closure projects
Bedrock depth and rock rippability for construction projects
International Building Code (IBC) site classification (NEHRP seismic stability) for construction projects
Soil property (Vs/Vp) data for geotechnical (ie, foundation depth design) projects

We eliminate costly manual grids, by utilizing DGPS guided surveys based upon coordinate systems such as WGS 84 or UTM. Our georeferenced data seamlessly incorporate into your GIS and AutoCAD databases.



 Magnetic gradiometer survey at Holloman Air Force Base in New Mexico Gravity survey on Mt Shasta, California ReMi seismic refraction survey at a proposed Wind Farm GPR survey at Galena Air Force Base in Alaska EM-61 metal detection survey in Omak, Washington EM-34 electromagnetic survey in Washington State EM-31 electromagnetic survey in the Mojave Desert
Geophysical survey services provided by ECA Geophysics

Feedback from satisfied clients

ECA Geophysics was hired to perform an electric resistivity survey for a site in Colorado where we were overseeing a hydrogeological characterization study.  ECA Geophysics performed the field survey in a safe and efficient manner.  The data collected allowed us to better interpret the depth of the aquifer across the site, which supported refinement of the conceptual model and assisted us with locating future monitoring locations.  We look forward to working with ECA Geophysics again on future projects.”
Leah Wolf Martin PE, PG - Hydrogeologist with AJAX Ltd.

"Mr. Smith (ECA Geophysics) was hired by the Columbia Generating Station (nuclear facility) to provide ground (penetrating) radar (GPR) detection services for a 16-acre evaporation pond project for which I was the lead engineer. Mr. Smith worked with the project schedule that required him to use GPR to survey rolling terrain that was the 30-year old construction preparation site for the nuclear plant. Mr. Smith worked alone crisscrossing the site in over 100 F heat for over a week locating all the buried debris and electrical wiring that served the old trailers. Mr. Smith was conscientious and timely, as well as flexible when areas of concern were further investigated. The resultant location of the hidden obstructions was very helpful as the multiple pond construction project was carried out.
I would not hesitate to re-hire Mr. Smith, if GPR services were again required."

Steve J. Strecker, PE - Contract Engineer for the Columbia Generating Station

"ECA Geophysics has done excellent work for Black & Veatch on our US Air Force range site. The geophysical data set collected in the field by ECA Geophysics was used to locate buried debris and anomalies and was considered very thorough and complete. The knowledge and experience ECA Geophysics provided helped to guide the investigation and proved invaluable."
Jennifer Canfield, PG - Geologist with Black & Veatch Special Projects Corporation

"AECOM conducted an RFI at Galena, Alaska.  Galena is located in a remote part of Alaska.  Due to its remote location and harsh environment, field work must be completed efficiently as possible, including “one-time, get it right” equipment mobilization.   ECA Geophysics was selected to perform geophysical surveys during the Summer of 2009.  ECA Geophysics was up to the call and provided timely, cost effective  and efficient survey results at a most challenging jobsite."
Collen J. Brownlow, PE - Project Manager with AECOM Technical Services

ECA Geophysics is managed by a GEOPHYSICIST who holds an advanced degree in GEOPHYSICS from a nationally-recognized earth sciences school (Colorado School of Mines).

Our team of advanced degreed geophysicists will design / perform / interpret geophysical surveys that best address your field investigation needs. If geophysics isn't the best way to spend your field dollars, WE WILL TELL YOU!

ECA Geophysics performs ground-penetrating radar (GPR) surveys, seismic refraction / ReMi surveys for seismic stability classifications, gravity surveys, magnetic surveys, electrical resistivity surveys and electromagnetic surveys.

Here's how we can help you ...

Utilizing state-of-the-art equipment,
ECA Geophysics assists clients in the following technical areas:

Environmental Geophysics
Locating shallow metallic and nonmetallic pipes, buried waste, drums and tanks
Landfill boundary delineation

Geotechnical Geophysics
Determining the IBC / NEHRP Site Classification (Vs 30)
Mapping depth to bedrock
Determining Vs and Vp of subsurface soils, that allow you to derive Poisson's Ratio and Young's Modulus

Construction Geophysics
Utility and rebar locating
Locating buried infrastructure and voids
Mapping depth to bedrock

Groundwater Geophysics (Hydrogeophysics)
Locating groundwater or water-bearing zones
Mapping depth to bedrock

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Our Team is HAZWOPER-trained with professional registrations in Geophysics, Engineering, Geology and Hydrogeology and we're qualified to write Health and Safety Plans (HASPs), when geophysical surveys are performed at hazardous waste or CERCLA sites.

Our surveys are designed and performed by senior geophysicists having advanced degrees in Geophysics and the Earth Sciences and decades of valuable experience (click on Key Personnel here or in left side nav bar).

Our Team has professional registrations in California and elsewhere, to enable us to legally practice our skills. Our excellent academic training and experience enables us to design cost-effective surveys that incorporate Nyquist Sampling Theory and other geophysics fundamentals. We access a "brain trust" of highly-qualified geophysicists, through affiliations with the Colorado School of Mines and the Environmental and Engineering Geophysical Society (EEGS).

Low-cost geophysical surveys are not always the best value!
When we lose work, it's usually to a low bidder who offered "less for less". A well-designed geophysical survey should comprise the correct SURVEY METHOD and the correct SAMPLING INTERVAL (Line Spacing) that adequately samples the subsurface for targets of interest. Since geophysical surveying costs are directly attributable to the amount of data collected, it stands to reason that an UNDER-SAMPLED survey will cost less than a PROPERLY-SAMPLED survey.

So, either choose the "best deal" and locate most of the buried targets or pay more and eliminate the risk altogether!


ECA Geophysics

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