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Tipard Blu-ray to 3D Converter is an all-in-one BD and 3D converter which can convert almost all Blu-ray discs and video files to 3D videos, and can also add subtitles, trim, crop, merge, crop, watermark and convert audio to any 3D format.
1. Add subtitles to Blu-ray or 3D movies.
2. It can add subtitle, chapter, logo watermark to the 3D movies with the convenience of just one click.
3. It can merge several videos to one file for you to play.
4. It can convert almost all video formats to 3D video formats.
5. It can also convert audio files to 3D audio formats.
6. For 3D videos, it can convert videos to 3D MkV, 3D MkII, 3D M2V, 3D MXG, 3D AVI, 3D SWF, 3D TGA, 3D TAR, 3D MPG, 3D RM, 3D MP4, 3D MP4 V5, 3D X, 3D WMV, 3D MTS, 3D ASF, 3D MXF, 3D DCF, 3D FLV, 3D RTP, 3D OGG, 3D WMV, 3D M2T, 3D ASX, 3D SSS, 3D MP3, 3D ACC, 3D AC3, 3D MKA, 3D RMVB, 3D HE-AAC, 3D OGG, 3D FLAC, 3D WAV, 3D AAC, 3D MP2, 3D MP3, 3D WMA, 3D MKA, 3D AAC, 3D VORBIS, 3D WAX, 3D OGG and many more.
7. Export videos to 3D videos in nearly all popular video 84e02134c1

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A Macro utility program for Windows that allows you to change the system keyboard map. It also allows you to send keystrokes to a keymap.

The HP Deskjet X360 M5380 Printer Driver XP – is the driver that enables you to use your HP Deskjet X360 printer. It is the latest version of the driver that works with Windows XP, Vista, and Windows 7.

Portable Device Manger is designed to be a device manager utility. The device manager is a main part of computer system to detect all hardware devices and to manage all of your system devices.Q:

Modify ArrayList of 2-d array using java

i have the below 2d array of type integer.
int[][] matrix = {{1,2,3,4}, {2,3,4,5}, {3,4,5,6}, {4,5,6,7}};

if i want to replace 2 with -2 in the second row then i want my array to look like
int[][] matrix = {{1,2,3,4}, { -2,3,4,5}, {3,4,5,6}, {4,5,6,7}};

is there any way that i can implement it?


This should do the job:
int[][] matrix = {{1,2,3,4}, {2,3,4,5}, {3,4,5,6}, {4,5,6,7}};

int[][] replaced = new int[matrix.length][];
for (int[] row : matrix) {
for (int c : row) {
if (c == 2) {
c = -2;
replaced[row.length – 1][c] = c;

[1, -2, 3, 4]
[2, 3, -2, 4]
[3, -2

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