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Advanced macro support for Windows NT/2000/XP. KeyMacro is one of the most powerful text editing tools available. Its powerful and intuitive interface provides you with full access to every text file. You can easily insert predefined text strings at any position in the file, change text color and size, resize photos and insert your own watermark.
* Automatically scan a text file for Macros and compile an extensive list of text strings which are inserted into the file
* Edit and change text color, size, background color, and add your own watermark
* Quick and easy access to any text file. Paste, cut, copy, and remove text
* Various formatting options, including font, shadow, line spacing, and so on
* Works with any text file format, including Microsoft Word files
* Copy text from selected source to clipboard for pasting into any other document
* Insert a variety of character strings, including color codes, e-mail addresses, hyperlinks, phone numbers, and so on
* Display your own company/organization watermark in any text file
* Create text macros for different documents and windows
* Execute macros with keyboard shortcuts, hotkeys, etc.
* Supports many file extensions, including:.txt,.doc,.docx,.xls,.xlsx,.ppt,.pptx,.csv,.tiff,.ini,.ini-new,.html,.asp,.asp.vbs,.aspx,.xml,.htm,.html,.php,.jsp,.java,.jar,.zip,.exe, and many others.
* Text syntax highlighting
* Unicode-enabled text
* Text in file windows is automatically saved when macros are saved
* Several languages are supported. French, English, German, Dutch, Russian, Japanese, Portuguese, Czech, and Spanish, are available.
What’s New in Version 1.0.1:
* Enhanced performance
* New language support
* Improved interface
* Easier installation
* Improved ability to convert to Unicode text
* Improved appearance
* Fixed a few bugs
* Improved compatibility with Microsoft Office 2008

MediaBrowser 7 is a free media player that allows you to download and play digital music, video, and other multimedia files.

Microsoft Internet Explorer Ultimate is the fastest and easiest way to get online and browse the web. It uses your PC’s power 384a16bd22

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Let your users draw and feel the pleasure that comes from the S Pen. Developing for the Samsung Galaxy Note™ is not a one-way street. It demands to be customized, it demands that you take the time to learn the unique characteristics of the device, and it demands that you learn the unique characteristics of the S Pen as well.
The S Pen SDK is a platform-independent development solution that allows you to integrate the S Pen’s unique features into your own apps. This means that you can use the S Pen to interact with the user interface and write, draw, and capture images on the display of the Galaxy Note.
The SDK, which was built around the Galaxy Note’s capabilities, was designed with the following goals in mind:
• Develop for Galaxy Note devices only
• Understand the S Pen’s capabilities and write native code that takes advantage of them
• Develop projects that use only the S Pen and an application that supports the S Pen
The SDK provides developers with a set of functions that enable them to:
• Compile their native code for Galaxy Note devices
• Control the S Pen’s unique capabilities
• Draw and write with the S Pen
• Select and use different pen profiles
The SDK consists of two parts:
• A set of headers, defines, constants, and macros that facilitate Galaxy Note specific development
• A set of library functions, classes, and resources to develop Galaxy Note specific applications.
The S Pen SDK can be used to develop applications for all Galaxy Note models, except the Galaxy Note 10.1 N8000, which uses a different interface architecture.
The S Pen SDK makes use of the Galaxy Note’s unique interface and features, but for the most part, it does not interfere with Galaxy Note applications. Your Galaxy Note applications will continue to function normally as long as the S Pen SDK is not installed.
Key benefits of the S Pen SDK
• Galaxy Note specific development
• Native S Pen API for Galaxy Note specific applications
• S Pen functionalities on the Galaxy Note’s display
This document will help you quickly get started with the Samsung Galaxy Note SDK.
If you want to learn more about S Pen SDK, get in touch with us at
S Pen SDK requires enrollment to download the SDK tooling. To enroll, go to your Samsung Developer Account to configure enrollment. You’ll need to provide a Samsung Account Number, Device Type, Subscription Agreement, Password, and Email Address.

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