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15 High resolution Australia Themes.

Have you ever wanted to see some of the most majestic creatures in the world up-close? Well, now you can as more than 170 species of animals are featured on the Wildlife Wallpapers cover. Stunning natural scenes and photographs from all over the world are gathered here to create a truly eye-catching display for your desktop.

Major Features:
*Tiled wallpaper with original tile and shadow design.
*Photos can be zoomed in or out by using your keyboard shortcuts.
*Brilliant wallpapers look great on all screen resolutions.
*Support Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8.
*Vectorized art.
*Compatible with themes and skins like: Smart Look, Stacks, Solar, Gingerbread, Aurora, Aqua, Luna, and Cinnomona.
*System requirements: 32MB RAM.


How to install:

Step 1. Extract the files and install the.exe file.
Step 2. Select Settings and Wallpaper in the main menu.
Step 3. You will see the new wallpaper with different size of tiles.
To download this theme you need to purchase the Microsoft Home Premium license key from here :-

This is a beautiful wallpaper from nasa. You can get it for free at this site:

A lot of screen resolutions (1920×1080 to 1920×1280) is available. If you’re using a desktop PC with a widescreen monitor, you can download this wallpaper with the option “Stretch to fit screen” and set a specific resolution.

If you’re using a notebook, this wallpaper is extremely useful since you can set the screen resolution of your notebook to 1920×1200 or more (or use smaller tiles and keep the default resolution) and then load this wallpaper.

This is a beautiful and sharp wallpaper. It was taken from the Space Shuttle Enterprise shuttle leaving orbit and flying over the Earth. If you like it, you