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The goal of the KEEMACRO project is to write intelligent macros for use in various aspects of Photoshop, primarily within the development environment.
KeyMacro is a unique type of macro. Unlike regular macros, KeyMacro allows you to add more logic to your macro so that it can determine when it should be executed and at what time. This type of logic can range from simply checking if it’s a certain day, or the state of the calendar, to more complex logic like finding and deleting certain shapes based on the name of the layer.
KeyMacro is highly flexible, with several advantages over regular macros. It allows for easy addition of new conditions, if statements, and even variables. It can also be used on any layer of any type of Photoshop file.
Unlike macros, KEEMACRO can be run from the command line, and can even be used as a keyboard shortcut for many actions.
KeyMacro is also considerably faster than regular macros.
The benefits of KEEMACRO are many and far-reaching. For example, if you find yourself frequently executing a series of complex macros, KEEMACRO is the ideal tool to automate your work.
Further, KEEMACRO can help you to code and debug your regular macros. If your macro is causing errors and isn’t behaving as you expect it to, KEEMACRO will provide you with the capability to find these errors and fix them for you.
What you get:
-2 Standard Photoshop Document Template files
-Optional 4 Color Theme
-Instructions for customizing and using each template file
Product Benefits:
-Written by Photoshop experts
-Includes detailed instructions for customizing each template file
-Contains 4 downloadable template files that are designed to meet the needs of most designers
-Easily customized for a wide variety of purposes
-Can be used to create professional-quality documents without resorting to expensive or time-consuming prepress work
-Document management is a breeze with standard Photoshop files
-Template files are less than 4MB each
-Full package is available on DVD for $99 or CD for $49
Official Site:

Lecture videos (838 in total) with mp3/aac format are included
Video file size is approximately 158Mb
Compatible with PC/Mac/Linux
Video 384a16bd22

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In order to gain greater insight in the sample key’s structure, it can be decomposed into a typical framework plus the final “substitute key”. This framework can be described as being built around the split scheme.
The split scheme is the basic method of distribution as it allows a user to increase the security of a message by splitting it into two or more parts. This is not the only way to achieve a strong cryptography system but it is the most secure and used method for encryption and decryption.
Even though the split scheme is the simplest way of generating a new key, it is still very effective in terms of security. This is because the key used in this type of method is only as strong as the weakest part of the key and therefore there is a higher degree of strength and security.
The main principle of this method is to break a message into parts that have a higher degree of difficulty and complexity than the original. This is where the main framework of the sample key is found. The framework is the part of the key that makes it difficult for anyone to be able to decrypt it.
The framework is generated using XOR which is a mathematical operation that involves combining a message with another. The particular use of this method is to scramble the original message with a different key. This is done in such a way that each part has its own key and therefore, when the message is put back together, it can be decrypted by the same key.
As previously mentioned, the framework consists of a set of sub keys that are used to combine with the original message in order to generate the framework. This step, which could be done in any way, is responsible for providing the main security of this method.
With the split scheme, the sub keys are usually large, random numbers. They are randomly generated using a random number generator. After that, these numbers are combined with the original message in order to generate the framework.
When the message is generated in this manner, the message is broken down into a set of sub messages which are then generated. The key is used to create a new key for each sub key. In this way, the message is split into the necessary amount of parts and each part is encrypted using its own key.
The process of changing the message is similar to the encryption process. Therefore, it can be seen that the message is first encrypted with a new key and then the key is changed to the original key. This process is repeated until the message is the same

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