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Get your home on top of all security & automation needs in one place!
OnSiteMonitor is a complete security & automation platform that can track and manage all the devices on your property. It’s a multi-device tracking & alerting platform for your home that combines 24/7 video surveillance, access control, and automation.
OnSiteMonitor can track up to 300 motion-sensing & 130 doorbell cameras, monitor up to 400 IP & smart switches, and control up to 600 thermostats, sprinklers, smart lights, and many more devices.
Set up alerts to be triggered automatically when your home is tampered with, and control your home remotely on your mobile phone.
It’s easy to install & setup, you just need to connect cameras, thermostats, doorbells, locks, and any other smart devices you want to monitor. With OnSiteMonitor, you can control your house remotely without having to go everywhere. You can view live streaming video from cameras, arm/disarm the doorbells, check the temperatures, turn on/off lights, open/close curtains, adjust thermostats & many more.
Set up automatic events to be triggered when cameras detect motion or doorbells ring. Create multiple actions to be taken after these events are triggered. Receive alerts via email, SMS, Google Home, Slack or to your app (coming soon).
In addition, you can also use OnSiteMonitor to control your camera remotely via the mobile app. Set up pre-configured events or even use API integration to make your own custom events. Control your cameras remotely with your mobile phone. You can change settings, arm/disarm the doorbells, adjust thermostats, set break time on cameras and much more.
OnSiteMonitor supports most cameras & switches such as:
* Axis IP Security Cameras
* Axis IP Pro Cameras
* Digital Cameras (Point & Shoot, DSLR)
* AHD IP Security Cameras
* Axis A500 Cameras
* Axis GT2
* Axis TZ3
* 3P Security Cameras
* Mera
* Nest
* Samsung
* Sony
* Taitech
* View Quest
* Wireless IP Cameras
* Network Cameras
* IP Switches
* Smart Switches
* Wired Switches
* Dimmer Switches
* Flush Mount Switches
* Outdoor Switches
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Multi-Monitor Fullscreen Helper
JoyoPlayer for Windows
IMAP Proxy
Christmas Countdown Nice Clock
Ultralingua English-Latin Dictionary
Paragon Drive Copy Professional
Shortcut PhotoMagic
Photos and Videos Recovery Tool
Java MPD Client
StarBurn Portable
Web Performance Tester
sxsw Music Player
Audio Recording Studio
V3D Medical Viewer
Rule Manager

Dr. DivX is a useful application designed to help you convert video clips to the DivX format. The program uses the DivX codec in order to encode the video format in order to be used with DivX compatible devices.
The DivX codec is a popular option for the users that want to minimize the size of the video files while maintaining an acceptable image quality. It has been adopted by multiple devices such as DVD players that can play the video format without other enhancements or tweaks.
This application intends to help you transcode multiple file formats such as MPEG-1, MPEG-2, VOB and AVI. Before configuring the application you need to load it in the program which can take a lot of time even for small files.
The interface of the program can accommodate both casual users and the users with previous experience in video encoding. The first ones can simply load a video file and choose a preset quality from the available templates while the latter can fine tune the output by changing the codec settings.
You can use the Advanced section to crop the original video, to change the aspect ratio or the nose reduction method for better results. The combination of settings can be saved to a custom profile in order to be loaded later for other tasks.
Dr. DivX has the ability to watch a certain folder from your computer and to automatically load and encode the supported video files to the DivX Media format. You can also set the application to start encoding the files immediately after start up.
Overall, Dr. DivX is an easy to use tool for creating DivX files for media players. However, it is not actively maintained and it lacks support for the latest versions of the DivX codec. It is recommended to search for another encoding solution in order to optimize your video clips.
Dr. DivX Shortcut Keys:

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