Combine the power of Active Directory Administration and Group Policy Management into one tool.
Systink features:
– Anti-Virus and application security scanning
– Windows Group Policy auditing and reporting capabilities
– Windows Operating System reports
– Registry security audit
– Active Directory and DNS security audits
– Change auditing
– Network administration and reporting
– Groups and User Account management
– DNS management
– Active Directory Auditing
– Email administration
– Email security auditing
– Web application and computer management
– Web application security auditing
– LDAP/AD administration
– Active Directory management
– Active Directory tools
– Group Policy and reporting
– Intrusion detection
– Logging
– Local computer auditing
– Backup
– Backup audit
– Backup reporting
– Backup retention
– Group Policies and reporting
– Active Directory Tools
– Active Directory delegation
– Delegation auditing
– All operating systems: 2000, 2003, XP, 2003, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows Server 2000, 2003, 2008, 2008 R2, 2012, 2012 R2, 2016, 2012 R2, 2016, 2016 R2
– Active Directory security management (optional installation)
– User Account management (optional installation)
– Domain Controller (optional installation)
– DNS administration (optional installation)
– DNS management (optional installation)
– DNS policy management (optional installation)
– DNS auditing (optional installation)
– DNS reporting (optional installation)
– Email administration (optional installation)
– Email security (optional installation)
– Email auditing (optional installation)
– Email reporting (optional installation)
– Web application management (optional installation)
– Web application security (optional installation)
– Web application auditing (optional installation)
– Web application reporting (optional installation)
– Intrusion detection (optional installation)
– Local computer auditing (optional installation)
– Local computer policy (optional installation)
– Local computer security (optional installation)
– Local computer auditing (optional installation)
– Local computer reporting (optional installation)
– Backup (optional installation)
– Backup audit (optional installation)
– Backup policy (optional installation)
– Backup retention (optional installation)
– Backup management (optional installation)
– Backup audit (optional installation)
– Backup policy (optional installation)
– Backup reporting (optional installation)
– Active Directory tools (optional 384a16bd22

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Keymacro is a script that adds powerful keystrokes to your righ-click menu.
You may configure this script to be used in five different ways:
1. To create a new post
2. To quote a post
3. To view your favorite tags
4. To add tags
5. To mark your posts
On the configuration panel you can change the order of these functions.
Keymacro is a cross-platform script. It should work on any operating system that can run the perl and GD graphics modules. It is tested on Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Ubuntu, Mandriva and Fedora.
To use this script, simply run the Keymacro script in the folder where the images you wish to add to the right click menu are located. This will create the right click menu and it will be added to the context menu of your mouse.
If you want to create a desktop shortcut, simply download the ‘desktop’ version of this script. It will be added to the context menu of your desktop.
This script will work in Firefox and Internet Explorer. If you use Google Chrome, Opera, Safari, or any other browser that doesn’t support this script, you won’t be able to use the contextual menus on websites.

Foxtail Tweetdeck add-on.

You’ve probably seen the TweetDeck for Mac. It’s a cross-platform app which works great, but not so great if you’re on a Mac and don’t have TweetDeck for Mac installed.
In other words, you can’t use TweetDeck for Mac on your mac if you don’t have TweetDeck for Mac.
The app is good enough to use TweetDeck on your PC, but you can’t use it on your Mac because it’s windows only.
So what if there was an app that works on Windows, Mac and Linux?
The Foxtail TweetDeck is an awesome tool which is cross-platform, extremely lightweight, great for Twitter and yet easy to use.

Foxtail Tweetdeck is here to make your life better and help you to organize your tweets in an easy and visual way.
Using Foxtail TweetDeck you can easily create tweets, direct messages, lists, categories, timelines, search and filter tweets.
Foxtail TweetDeck is the best Twitter desktop app available for Mac.


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