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Keyboard Macro Recorder works in Linux and Windows to capture keyboard input, records it, and saves it to text, HTML or binary files. The HTML or binary format is very useful when you need to use it in other applications. For instance, you can edit and save a Web page with a HTML editor such as Dreamweaver, and you can publish a Web page with a Web page editor such as The WYSIWYG editor in WordPress.
Greenshot Description:
GTRAY offers a powerful screenshot tool, which is used to record screen snapshots. The recorded screen images can be adjusted by means of the PNG image format, and you can also use the JPEG image format. The most noticeable feature of GTRAY is that you can record, save, and manage the captured screenshots in your computer, by means of the database file. You can use this feature for backup, archiving, and displaying your screen snapshots.
WMV Recorder Description:
WMP is a multimedia player which has a built-in player and record. WMP gives the ability to record a video from a computer, and this WMP video player is very powerful and easy to use. If you are using WMP to play a video, you can save the video with the help of WMP file format, and also you can record the video with the help of WMP video format.
AVCHD Recorder Description:
It is a Windows application to record and play back H.264 files in MOV format. It supports up to two video files to be recorded simultaneously, and the source files to be recorded are normally SD and HD videos from various video sources such as digital camcorders and DVD recorders.
Android Screencast Description:
The best part of Android Screencast is that it supports both Android and iPhone. Moreover, you can easily record video, image, audio, and draw on screen of your Android device. It allows you to capture your activities on your Android phone, and share them with the world through YouTube and Vimeo.
iShowU Description:
iShowU is a new and professional screen recorder, which allows you to record your desktop or entire screen at any time. Moreover, you can use this amazing software to convert your screen recording into DVD movies. You can also edit and save your screen recording in the AVI file format.
Magic Lantern Description:
Magic Lantern is an open source video software, which is used to record video and images from video devices. It is very simple to 384a16bd22

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Rinzo XML Editor is an XML development tool that will allow you to edit, view, create and publish XML documents.
It allows you to view your document with all the features that XML documents offer, and to edit and change elements and attributes. Rinzo also includes a powerful editing-viewing interface.
The editor provides a basic example project with the major concepts needed for a developer or editor to get started quickly.
Rinzo is easy to use, even for an inexperienced user. Rinzo features a very user-friendly interface and a powerful and intuitive XML editor. Rinzo is a perfect and very useful tool to create, edit and view XML documents.
Rinzo XML Editor Key Features:
– View, edit and create XML documents
– View XML-based files
– Convert to different file formats
– Copy, move, delete and rename XML files
– Compose and generate XML documents
– Insert and remove elements in XML files
– Edit attributes of elements in XML files
– Quick view of XML elements
– Error highlighting
– File conversion
– All features supported by XML files
XML Documents Format:
XML is a language for describing documents. It is used to describe the structure and content of web documents.
It has many advantages such as the ability to include information that is beyond the limits of HTML, it is faster to develop and build, can be exchanged between web servers and is very well understood.
XML allows you to represent the structure and content of documents and to include information that is beyond the limits of HTML.
XML provides you with the following important advantages:
– Allows you to develop and build complex documents
– Allows you to include information that is beyond the limits of HTML
– Has all the information in one document, which is in a single file, allowing rapid transfer between servers
– Allows you to store the information in a single file for easy updating
– Allows you to make the documents self-describing
XML Editor Available to all:
– Rinzo is available for both Mac and Windows
– Rinzo has been completely written from scratch, and does not use any technology (because it’s not portable)
– Rinzo can be easily adapted to include and maintain new technologies
– Rinzo runs only on the Mac and Windows operating systems, and includes support for other operating systems.
Rinzo XML Editor Price:
Rinzo XML Editor is available to view and edit XML files for $24.95


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