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The program allows saving macros that contain multiple keyboard commands and automatically executes the commands when a single keystroke is entered.
Users can make macros using a friendly interface, and the program will convert the macro into the format compatible with the Notepad++ macro editor. In addition, the created macros can be saved to the program’s configuration file.
After the user selects the macro to execute, the program will execute all macros in sequence.
After the macro is saved, the program will automatically execute the macro every time the user types the stored keystroke.
OSPRE: Description:
This project is a cross-platform, command-line programming application that utilizes the Open Sound Control (OSC) protocol to write scripts that perform complex tasks.
This program can be used to simulate the commands from devices like a touchpad, mouse, joystick, or a keyboard, to automate common tasks.
This program can also be used to create specialized commands for your own applications.
The best way to think of OSPRE is as a super version of the rc.local script that you edit in the /etc/ directory, except, you can pass more complicated commands.
If you are interested in using the command line, we recommend you watch our introductory videos about Linux command line on Youtube.
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OSPRE info
* OSPRE supports all default Linux and Apple operating systems.
* Each OSPRE command will be saved to a configuration file so that you can execute commands easily.
* Each OSPRE script can contain multiple commands and the programs run in sequence.
* It’s easy to use, you can create new scripts or edit the existing ones with the included OSPRE text editor.
* With OSPRE you can run commands at startup or wake-up in Linux or start programs in Mac OSX.

Bubble Stroke – 5 (BROSOS)

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Keymacro is a simple free utility to create and manage hotkeys. It can generate hotkeys and macros to the keyboard, and make keyboard shortcuts to Windows programs.
Keymacro is free for personal, non-commercial use.
Learn more about Keymacro here:
Keymacro (
Uninstall Keymacro (

This is a free trial version, this application is a clone of the paid application Astute Currency Analyzer, it does the same thing, you can use it free for 30 days. If you like it, please purchase the paid version on our website.
This product is currently hosted on our own servers, the full version of Astute Currency Analyzer is available on our website at:
Learn more about Astute Currency Analyzer:
Keymacro’s client:
– Is easy to use.
– Can generate hotkeys and macros to the keyboard.
– Can make keyboard shortcuts to Windows programs.
– Allows you to set hotkeys to the Alt, Ctrl, Shift, Win key, PrtSc key and more.
– Allows you to set hotkeys to the mouse.
– Allows you to send a mouse click at a specific coordinate.
– Allows you to set hotkeys to the scroll wheel.
– Allows you to set hotkeys to a USB mouse.
– Allows you to set hotkeys to your custom mouse and keyboard.
– Allows you to generate a macro for specific mouse button.
– Allows you to generate a macro for specific mouse movement (left/right/up/down).
– Allows you to generate a macro for specific mouse click (middle-left/middle-right/middle-up/middle-down).
– Allows you to generate a macro for specific mouse scrolling (up/down).
– Allows you to generate a macro for specific keyboard keys.
– Allows you to generate a macro to launch a program or open a file.
– Allows you to generate a macro to open a web site.
– Allows you to create a user-defined shortcut.
– Allows you to set a shortcut to

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