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A student runs an internet search engine. The site produces a list of links to online shopping sites. The student uses this list to recommend products to family and friends. The site becomes very popular. However, the student does not reveal his identity to his family or friends and takes no further action to prevent the site from becoming highly ranked in search results.
What are the ethical implications of the site’s actions?


I have a question, though not really much of a need for it, but the answer seems to fit so, why not make an even larger one.
So we have a system where millions of search engines are brought to your site. Millions of links are injected into thousands of web pages on the internet. How does this software actually rank your website on Google? Does it even matter that Google doesn’t approve? The spammers are obviously not as concerned about ethics.
Let us pretend for a moment that Google is the company that is actually doing the ranking. Google is making billions of dollars by making it difficult to rank higher than their competitors ( Therefore, Google has to make sure that all the businesses that use their search engine are effective and that means that the only method they have of evaluating effectiveness is by reading about it.
Therefore, from a business perspective, your “site” actually becomes one of the top paid bloggers in the world. You are one of the top blog posts that Google reads, and that is what they use to determine effectiveness.
So in a way, the only one’s that you are actually hurting are the spam sites. The spam sites would be getting links, which in turn would make their site more popular. But they would have no control over whether they become successful or not.
So the moral of the story is, maybe we should take a step back and look at how we treat spam and what the consequences of ignoring it really are. The spam sites would get links, which in turn would make their site more popular.


The Ethics of Spamming
To respond to the question of ethical implications, I’m not really sure I understand the question, but I will try to address it.
Ethics is a difficult thing to define, since it depends on context. However, I will approach the question of “how” you can derive ethical consequences from the All-In-One Submitter.

The software is designed for submission to “seach engines” (google, d82f892c90

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