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Advanced File Recovery (AFR) is an advanced freeware (registered version is 1.8) that allows you to save and restore your deleted files (picture, mp3, etc.), as well as recover deleted folders and open/edit files, files with missing metadata, emails with missing or damaged attachments, documents, etc. It comes with a comprehensive documentation that allows you to learn how to use AFR and how to restore different types of data with AFR.

Advanced File Recovery is a free software. It can extract the files from an inaccessible floppy disk and restore files from a FAT partition of a USB flash drive. The program can also extract files from an external hard disk.

Advanced Localizer Professional is a professional computer localization tool, offering a powerful localization engine and a straightforward localization workflow.
Advanced Localizer Professional features a powerful localization engine, which supports the translation of files like HTML, XSL, Cascading Style Sheets, JavaScript, Java, MS Word, PowerPoint, Excel, PDF, Flash, etc.
With Advanced Localizer Professional you can easily localize:

Advanced Loader is a simple program designed to load, manipulate, and save various type of files. You can load data from text, database, csv, and xml format. The program also comes with built-in editors and properties for each type of loaded data. Advanced Loader can be used for any type of data including but not limited to text, database, csv, xml, and other files.
Advanced Loader is a very small utility and does not contain any ‘bloat’ or unnecessary features.

Advanced Note Manager is a free simple to use application that allows you to organize notes with tags, assign notes to tasks, and do other things. Advanced Note Manager is a very small application that comes with only a few features and is very intuitive to use. Advanced Note Manager supports notes and tasks tags. You can also enter notes and tasks via its help. Advanced Note Manager can save notes with different formats like text, images, flash, pdf, and html.

Advanced Notepad is a simple to use notepad that supports text, codes, encryption and decoding, printable and text-to-speech output, integration with MS Word, writer, and advanced security features such as advanced encryption and decryption, and on-the-fly encryption. Advanced Notepad supports different languages and offers the capability to quickly create 384a16bd22

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Send a text message with a predefined preset message to another computer. Works on Windows XP and Windows Vista.

Technical requirements:

You must have a valid internet connection and a working Windows Messenger service on the computers.

The application can work as a stand-alone (you don’t need any other software) or a short menu (you must install the application on the Windows PC).

Here’s a feature list:

The Net Send application does support:

Windows XP

Windows Vista

Atom X & Atom X2

Memory PC

Memory Laptop

Memory Server

The features of the application are:

Specify the specific address of the computer to which you want to send a message.

The message you send can be an image, text, HTML or URL.

You can set the duration of the message and the number of the attempts allowed. If the recipient is online, the message will be sent after the expiration of the defined time.

The message you send can contain one or more images.

You can specify the location of the image(s) on your computer.

You can specify the location of the image(s) on the recipient computer.

You can specify a path to the file on your computer.

You can specify a path to the file on the recipient computer.

You can specify an image as a link to a URL.

You can specify a text as a link to a URL.

The messages can be sent either as an image, a text, an HTML or a URL.

The image can be downloaded to the recipient’s computer from your computer or from a third party service. (You can specify the address of the third party service and the file’s location on that service.)

The Net Send application supports the following Windows operating systems:

Windows XP

Windows Vista

Atom X & Atom X2

Memory PC

Memory Laptop

Memory Server

The images can be:

Animated GIF

Animated JPEG

Animated PNG

Vector GIF

Vector JPEG

Vector PNG



All this program does is send a message to another computer on the Internet.
But this program allows you to add links to pictures, text, HTML and URLs.
The program works with the Windows Messenger service and uses the Windows API.

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