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Using a Bartis Widom analysis method, MESMER can easily estimate rate coefficient for chemical reactions. Additionally, it can perform quantum mechanical tunnelling and apply the Marquardt algorithm.

WHIZARD is a quantum mechanical modelling package for electronic structure calculations. WHIZARD has been developed since 1991 and is in use in the chemical sciences and beyond. WHIZARD offers a wide variety of algorithms including Kohn-Sham density functional theory, Coupled Cluster theory, and many of the most popular, reliable time-dependent (TD) methods. Additionally, many semi-empirical (SE) and ab-initio (AI) methods are supported by plugins. The GUI allows the user to access all supported methods from a single tool.

Q-Chem is a software package for electronic structure calculations. It uses linear-scaling algorithms (cusp algorithm) to calculate accurate energies, gradients and forces on molecular systems. Q-Chem contains modules for various DFT exchange-correlation functionals and orbital functionals, DFT wave function methods, Hartree–Fock and MP2 methods, and post-HF methods, many coupled-cluster and many-body perturbation methods and various Monte-Carlo based methods, e.g. path integral Monte Carlo. Its focus is on density-functional theory (DFT), Hartree–Fock and coupled-cluster methods. It contains modules for post-HF methods as well as several approaches to multireference wave functions, such as multireference configuration interaction, coupled cluster singles, doubles and perturbative triples (CCSD(T)).

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def get_context_data(self, **kwargs):
if self.request.GET.get(‘status’) == ‘0’:
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Key Macro is a simple, yet powerful, tool for advanced typists. Its premise is simple: set up macros for your keyboard shortcuts. The Macros you create can be used for tasks as varied as emailing, social networking, documents, web browsing, and more.
Key Macro allows you to quickly switch to different keyboard shortcuts for a variety of tasks like:
• Play and stop music
• Send emails, text messages, Facebook messages, tweets and more
• Listen to the music you’ve saved to your phone
• Play a series of videos or listen to a music playlist
• Open and close multiple applications
• Open a web browser, Facebook page or Google page
• Work faster
Key Macro is very easy to use. After installing Key Macro you will be able to choose what shortcut you want to assign to a particular task and create a shortcut key that will repeat that action over and over again.
Key Macro is available for both Mac and Windows.
A. Push Titles
B. Type
C. Audio Import
D. Export
E. Auto
F. Text Only
G. Suggestions
H. Text
I. Auto Backup
J. Text Import
K. Key Maps
L. Keymaps
M. Keyboard
N. Audio
O. Swipe
P. Suggestions
Q. Export
R. Audio Export
S. Features
T. Play
U. Stop
V. Edit
W. Auto Backup
X. Edit Backup
Y. Export
Z. Add to Keymaps
It includes keyboard shortcuts for most of your tasks.
It will help you play and stop music, send emails, text messages, Facebook messages, tweets and more.
Listen to the music you’ve saved to your phone.
Work faster by opening multiple applications, Google pages, Facebook pages, websites and more.
Change the names of your apps and shortcuts
Change the names of your apps and shortcuts
Capture a macro and use it as a shortcut
Auto Backup
Control multiple apps from one keyboard shortcut
Get suggestions on your behalf while you type
Export keyboard shortcuts
Import keyboard shortcuts
Unlock with Voice, Fingerprint, and Face Recognition
Allow access only with a Touch ID, passcode, or pattern
Get suggested keyboard shortcuts
Auto Backup
Auto Backup option is very useful to save your time.
To save your time and save space on your phone, just enable it. It will create an auto backup every

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