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Allows you to manage macros. With a click of a button, the user can run the macro whenever he/she wants. It also allows you to configure the macro to be run either once or multiple times. The macro can also be run automatically whenever the program is started or if the user is in a specific application.
mqtp ActiveX Description:
Enables you to send and receive real time messages through the Internet. The mqtp ActiveX control allows the user to register a MQTT-publish-subscribe client. By this, you can enable real time communication between two or more applications.
Quickly create your own software, even if you are a beginner and make sure that your software works out of the box!
Nowadays, Windows applications are as easy to develop as web pages and mobile apps and in most cases they are only a few clicks away. The most common programming languages for creating these are:
Python Python:
You can use Python to write software for the Windows operating system and also for the Internet. The combination of Python and Windows makes it easy to write advanced, and powerful applications. It is simple to understand and the syntax of the language is almost identical to that of the C programming language.
With its interactive Python Shell, you can test out your code quickly and easily. It can be directly integrated with Visual Basic and can be used to create new applications.
Pascal Pascal:
Pascal is a language for developing Windows applications that was developed by Borland in the mid-1980s. The advantages are being available for more than 30 years and its code is more readable and structured. 
Pascal is a member of the Delphi family of languages. Delphi includes the integrated development environment (IDE) which makes it possible to develop your own applications.
Visual Basic Visual Basic:
With Visual Basic you can quickly create a Windows application. 
Visual Basic is a low-level programming language, which enables you to write software that is very simple and intuitive.
You can even create plugins for other applications by using Visual Basic.
VBScript Visual Basic Scripting:
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$TDYDATA is a record with dynamic content, i.e. a record that changes on every run of the macro.
$YYYYMMDD is the YYYY-MM-DDYY-MM-DD component of $TDYDATA.

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How to change php files of a subdirectory?

How to change php files of a subdirectory?
for example i have this root directory


where all my php files are in this directory and is it the only php file in the application directory, and all of my index file which is the home page is in the application directory as well
then i can make a link

and all of my php files will be in /application directory, and all of my index file which is the home page is in the application directory as well
but i want to change all of my php files in this directory /application to be in /application/application/
and i can’t make this directory, and if i can’t change this directory then i can’t make this link


If you want all the PHP files under a directory to be under a sub directory (in your example), add a.htaccess file in /application/ :
DirectoryIndex index.php

RewriteEngine on
RewriteRule ^index$ /application/index.php [L]


C# Portable Class Library (PCL) and dynamic assemblies

I have a Portable Class Library (PCL) that is being used in my project to create assemblies.
I have a Shared project containing the Portable Class Library, which is used to create Dynamic Assemblies.
In the Dynamic Assembly, I have my own DLL and some custom assemblies.
If I add my custom assembly to the shared project, the PCL projects uses the latest version of the dynamic assemblies. I would like to force the PCL projects to

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