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• The power of a personal dictionary
• A unique feature of crossword games: try to unscramble the words on the fly
• A compact application that doesn’t leave any traces in the Windows Registry
• Look up definitions and tips
• Wildcard Matching
• Easy-to-use design
• Unscramble word on the fly
• You may copy the results to the clipboard
• Clear entire workspace by just one click
• Look up the meaning of a word
• Filter the results by length
• Choose the settings of your personal dictionary
• Simulate the sound of the word
• All results are not included

Shared dictionaries are really good tools to quickly look up a word, but in the majority of cases, they are not very useful, and you have to check every result to know whether or not it is valid.
Some people have developed special dictionaries that they consider more useful because they provide a search-by-example option that uses whatever word you have typed as an input to look up words that are related to it.
But there is no need to have all that clutter. Why not create a file containing the most useful words and descriptions?
A personalized dictionary is your key to finding the word in a fraction of the time, and it is extremely useful for common and very difficult words, with different word lengths and different descriptions.
The search options will get you every time!
Let’s see how to create a dictionary.
Step 1: Create the dictionary
The first step is to create the dictionary, so go to the folder you created in Step 1 of the Tutorial and double-click on the file MyDictionary.
Step 2: Save the file
The next thing to do is to save the dictionary.
On the top menu bar, click on the Start menu and then select Save. Then, you will have to enter the folder where you want to save the file. You will have to be sure to use the right folder because the location of the file is very important.
Step 3: Add words and descriptions
The last step is to create the words and the descriptions. We will create just one word, so in the first column, click on the word and then on the right arrow to add it to the column.
We will add the word Python, so we will start typing and when the cursor is at the end of the word, click on Enter to insert the word in the column. Then d82f892c90

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Captain is an application that won’t give its secrets up right from the start. It’s a smart program that can help individuals copy the name of any opened window or change it. Why would you want to do either of those? There are plenty of scenarios that might just make you grab this program here. It can help users correct mistakes fast, it can help people keep track of what programs are used or what documents have been accessed.
An application with plenty of meaning
Now, at first glance, one might be tempted to disregard or dismiss this program. It’s pretty basic, and the functionality it offers doesn’t really have a fixed goal. While all these things are true, the app sports functionality that is not really that common. In the end, it might not attract many users, but for those few who’ll find it helpful, it might make an important difference. Operating it is easy. All one has to do is launch it, and adjust the hotkeys if need be. By default, the app’s minuscule menu can be triggered by hitting the mouse middle button.
Two equally valid options for use
Once you click the middle button of the mouse close to the window’s title, you’ll be presented with two choices. The first is to copy or grab the name of the window and have it stored in your clipboard. There can be many reasons for you to choose this option. Maybe you need to reference the extent name of the app, or maybe you’re documenting certain functions of many apps and need to grab the exact name to have stored in some sort of chart.
You can also opt to change the name displayed in the window’s title. Thus, you will be able to correct certain naming mistakes that might have attracted your attention. Captain might be a niche app, but it’s also interesting and can have many uses. If it can help you with something, don’t hesitate to grab it.

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