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There is a general consensus that the Internet has brought about many positive changes in society. Specifically, it has served as a catalyst for the implementation of educational programs, facilitated the interaction of people from all over the world and made information available to everyone.
However, a closer look at the use of the Internet reveals that there is a sizable percentage of users who are involved in criminal activities. This includes not only hackers and cybercriminals, but also those who use the Net to commit fraud and scam others.
Although there is no reason to believe that people who commit criminal acts have anything in common with the vast majority of users, the Internet has served as a catalyst for the creation of a new breed of scammers.
This paper deals with an example of a dangerous criminal activity, namely the use of the Internet to commit fraud and scam others. This activity is referred to as Phishing, a crime that remains one of the most popular among scammers due to the success of their schemes.
This paper examines the motivations behind the use of Phishing and offers an analysis of how it affects the academic community. It will also examine the methods used by Phishers, how they attempt to lure and convince people to participate in their schemes and finally, it will suggest solutions to combat this threat.
Phishing is an act that has been identified as a major Internet threat. Also known as the e-mail equivalent of a fraud, it is a crime that is meant to trick its target into believing that he or she is dealing with a legitimate company or institution.
These kinds of scams often target people from all over the world, from different socioeconomic classes and of different ages. Also, victims who are related or associated with any kind of organization, or are members of an academic institution or any other social group are also vulnerable.
One of the reasons for this is that the scheme usually involves the use of a simple and easily accessible method. Most times, Phishing begins with a person receiving an e-mail that seems to be from an organization he or she is associated with.
Normally, it is not long before the message includes a link to a website, which is meant to appear as the official site of the organization, of a partner or any other related entity.
Once the recipient is lured onto the fraudulent website, the scammer is ready to collect the victim’s credentials and the personal information he or she is likely to provide. This way, the Phisher can use this information to set up the so-called ‘Phish site’ d82f892c90

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