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Easy Archive Recovery is an application designed to find and extract files from corrupt ZIP and RAR archives, in order to get hold of your important information. It comes bundled with an intuitive set of options that can be configured by all types of users, even unskilled ones.
Extract files from corrupt ZIP or RAR archives
Following a speedy setup operation that shouldn’t give you any trouble, you come face to face with a simple window. To get started, you can either indicate a ZIP or RAR archive to open, or select a local disk to scan for all available archives.
The scanning procedure may take a while, depending on the size of your hard disk as well as hardware capabilities of your computer. As soon as it’s over, you can explore a tree view with the original folder structure of archives, and pick a compressed file to take a closer look inside.
Select and extract files with ease
File properties show the file name, compressed and uncompressed size, along with the date of last modification, To extract files, you have to first make a selection since all items are deselected by default. Afterward, you just have to tell Easy Archive Recovery where to save the extracted objects.
There aren’t too many settings that can be configured for this application. You can instruct it to create a log file to allow you to study its activity (particularly helpful if you plan to leave the PC unattended during the scanning and recovery process), as well as choose a different language for the interface.
The utility carried out scanning tasks quickly during our tests, remaining light on system resources consumption throughout its runtime. Unfortunately, the unregistered version doesn’t permit file extraction so users have no way of telling if it works. Also, Easy Archive Recovery hasn’t received updates for a pretty long time.
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Add File
Extract Rar Files
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* Great starting tool for the designer or architect
* Full set of tools for 3D rendering, including photo-realistic renderings
* High-quality color and illumination adjustments
* Virtual architecture
* High-resolution textures, materials, and texturing effects
* Import images and change material properties
* Edit geometry and lighting
* Extract and isolate elements from the scene
* Work with furniture and decors
* No need for 3D rendering software and renderer setup
* Support for orthographic and perspective views
* Full 2D manipulation
* Set view, camera, light and rendering parameters
* Plan view
* Navigator
* Light editor
* Overlay viewer
* View controls
* Pan, zoom, rotate
* Collapse/expand viewport
* Viewer
* View images and images in the file system
* Importer/exporter of images and model
* Save and restore project and user settings
* Hide/unhide and resize components in the scene
* Rename component, make a copy and move the component
* Export to different formats, including PDF and PNG
* Displays all layers in the scene
* Copy and paste on the fly
* Reverse engineering of drawings
* Import and export of 3D models
* Import images into the scene
* Show or hide camera
* Print documents, including images and drawings
* Export pictures
* Export views to BMP, GIF and JPEG formats
* Export grid
* Navigate the viewport with the mouse
* Set the camera position and orientation
* Adjust perspective
* Change the light
* Adjust the sun and sky
* Change the ambient and ambient illumination
* Position a sun in the sky
* Set illumination and lighting modes
* Change the view and render parameters
* Tweak sun, sky, sun path, sun shadow, sun angle, sun strength and so on
* Change the sky
* Toggle light sources
* Define the light angle
* Select the light
* Change its type and color
* Show or hide the light source
* Define the light intensity and the light angle
* Tweak the light position
* Lock the light
* Adjust the light strength
* Toggle ambient lighting
* Change the light intensity
* Tweak the lights
* Select the lighting effects
* Add a light bulb
* Add a spot light
* Change the light’s intensity and position
* Tweak the light spread
* Show or