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Discollate is a small, intuitive software that allows you to allocate your data on the CD and DVD. Your data can be divided into files, folders and blocks. You can also create rules to apply to your data, which is great for data optimization!
Key features:
– Supports all popular computer operating systems: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10;
– Optimization of data placement for CD and DVD disk carriers;
– Real time visualization of data placement;
– Creation of rules for application;
– Optimization of data placement according to selected rules;
– Saving of placement in a file;
– Real time and creation of single and incremental backups;
– Monitoring and change notification (email or SMS message);
– Ability to install or uninstall application from the original Windows Update;
– Easy data entry (hard disk, partition, storage device, flash memory, memory card, CD or DVD);
– Screen capture and return the image to clipboard;
– Option to insert cover image to the carrier;
– Option to insert image or icon to the carrier;
– High-quality graphics and eye-pleasing colors;
– Easy installation and uninstallation from the original Windows Update.
Supporting documentation:
– Discollate user guide (PDF file);
– Manual (PDF file);
– Responsible Author:

– Stefan R. Mida, President of the Software Publishing Center.
– JÄ™
– TIKI (
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Discollate application was designed to be a program for optimization of placing information on electronic carriers (CD, DVD, etc.).
Discollate becomes the good assistant for those people, who often writes various data on disks with fixed capacity. It will help to allocate information intended for record more effectively, saving carriers (eg, CD or DVD disk) and time. Discollate can work with folders and separate files, calculating the most felicitous combination for the greatest possible filling of the carrier, and showing result in the visual form.
Discollate Description:
Discollate is a small, eea19f52d2

Sync Outlook Contacts, Notes and Journals to Google Calendars in one click.
Google Contacts Sync automatically syncs Outlook contacts and notes and journals to Google Calendars.
Google Contacts Sync is an offline Outlook add-in which transfers your contacts, notes and journals to Google Calendars.
Google Contacts Sync is based on OAuth, is fast, easy-to-use, and free.
Google Contacts Sync supports the following features:

Tracks all changes and additions in your contacts, notes and journals.
Includes an Outlook contact list with filtered results for easy search.
Transfers the information from Outlook to Google Calendars automatically or manually in seconds.

With Contacts Sync, you can sync any folder of your choice, without the need to configure individual folders.
How to use Google Contacts Sync:
1. Download the Google Contacts Sync tool and install it on your computer. It is freeware.
2. The tool will create an account on the web to be used for future sync operations.
3. Click “Next” to start the process.
4. The Sync Options window will appear.
5. Type your name and email address for account registration.
6. Click “Add Account” to sync your contacts.
7. Enter your Google account email address and password.
8. Click “Authorize App” to allow your Google account to sync your Outlook contacts and journals.
9. Click “Start Sync” to start the sync process.
10. Your contacts will be synced and then appear on your Google account within 24 hours.
11. After successful sync, click “Done” and then sync other Outlook items.


Google Contacts Sync makes it easy to synchronize your contacts, notes and journals to Google Calendars. The program uses OAuth, which is a protocol for authenticating applications and web services and for authorizing delegated operations.

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