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DAISHO is the next generation relationship management solution for Microsoft Office and Outlook. With DAISHO you can easily manage your personal and business relationships.
DAISHO includes all you need to manage personal and business relationships and at the same time you are able to capture, track, structure and plan your Goals.
DAISHO covers all phases of your personal relationship management. You can build your from marketing to customer care. With DAISHO you do not exclusively concentrate on customers as contacts. DAISHO Email gives you a powerful way to handle your emails. DAISHO support POP3 emails and with DAISHO you can easily build up your own way of viewing emails by tagging them in different projects or contexts and so on. With DAISHO you capture, track, structure and plan your Goals. Goals have to be measurable and concrete. You can allocate your goals to topics or clusters (Contexts). The allocation of your goals to contexts improves your structuring and organization. You can divide your main goals into subgoals, because small steps make the goal achievement easier. With DAISHO you can easily set and manage your goals. With DAISHO you can import calendar entries from your diverse Outlook calendars in DAISHO and you can export them to Outlook. You can export your contacts from Outlook. The Reporting section of DAISHO allows you to create and print reports based on your data. There are simple day to day reports and more detailed reports. Futhermore, DAISHO includes some simple to use but powerful filters so you can get the data you want displayed in your reports.
Key DAISHO features:
• manage your personal and business relationships
• capture, track, structure and plan your goals
• import and export contacts from Outlook
• export your contacts to Outlook
• import calendar entries from diverse Outlook calendars
• export calendar entries to diverse Outlook calendars
• import and export email messages
• export email messages to diverse Outlook emails
• reporting based on predefined formulas and filters
• powerful reporting
• easy to use but powerful filters
• capture, track, structure and plan your goals
• import and export contacts from Outlook
• export your contacts to Outlook
• import and export email messages
• export email messages to diverse Outlook emails
• reports based on predefined formulas and filters
• easy to use but powerful filters
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OW Shredder is a practical software solution whose main purpose is to help you permanently erase files from your PC, also assisting you in deleting system drives or removing any trace of data from blank storage space.
Neatly-structured and appealing looks
The application features a clean and intuitive interface, its usage being sufficiently simple so as to elicit as little effort or prior knowledge from you as possible.
OW Shredder’s main window lets you choose the function that you wish to work with, just by drag and dropping items on the corresponding section, be it ‘File / Folder Eraser’, ‘Full Drive Eraser’ or ‘Drive Trace Remover’.
Permanently delete data from your PC or erase partitions
Regardless of the data type that you wish to dispose of, the program lets you drag and drop the source item onto its window, enumerating its contents in a dedicated field and allowing you to get the process started by pressing the ‘Erase All’ button.
OW Shredder can delete data using four distinct algorithms, namely ‘British HMG Baseline’, ‘HSC 1614.65’, ‘GOST R 50739-95’ or ‘RCMP TSSIT OPS-II’, letting you choose the one you prefer from the ‘Settings’ section.
Retrieve and review your computer’s information
The ‘Tools’ tab enables you to analyze your system and view a percentual account of the file types stored on it (pictures, videos, music, documents, archives, emails, etc.); a visual representation in the form of a pie chart is displayed and you can export it to PNG or JPG format.
Moreover, OW Shredder can analyze data clusters on your PC, as well as provide you with a series of statistics about it. Optionally, you can create one or more restore points, which you can use to bring your computer back to a specific state, if needed.
A handy permanent deletion instrument
To conclude, OW Shredder is a useful and easy to handle utility that can help you erase data from your computer without the possibility of it being recovered. Aside from files and folders, it can also target system partitions or clean empty space.

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