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Fast Color Selection
Allows you to choose a color from your screen in one click.
Multilanguage Support
FCS supports Russian, English and Ukrainian languages.
Extract Colors with Drag and Drop Tool
FCS provides you with a drag and drop tool that allows you to extract a color from your screen.
Cascading Color Selector
Drag a color from your screen and a color picker tool will appear from which you can select the color you want.
Extraction of Colors from the Theme
You can extract a color from your screen by using a color theme.
Color Picker Tool with Gradient Preview
Use the gradient preview tool to choose the color you want.
Color Picker with adjustable slider
The color picker tool can be adjusted by using the slider.
Converting Color Scheme to HTML
Convert the color scheme to HTML code.
Curated Color Picker
Select the color scheme that best suits your work.
New Feature
The new feature is supported by themes.
It does not work with layers (or themes that use layers)
Some functions are not available for the themes.
Unpleasant UI
It has a cluttered interface.
Unwanted impact on Windows
It may leave traces in the registry or create other files.
You have to browse through several menus.
No help manual.
It does not work with Photoshop.

In November 2018, the tool only supports Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10.

2. Color-shifters
Colorshifters is a free application that enables users to extract colors from images.
It is a very lightweight software with only a single window.
Furthermore, the program features an easy-to-navigate interface that offers various functions.
The program has no help manual but it can be easily installed.
Alternative interface
Colorshifters’ interface has a clean look that is accompanied by a pleasant visual element.
Lightweight software
Colorshifters is eea19f52d2

Creating and sharing secure passwords is simple with the Jumble Password application. Enter your first name and birth date to generate a list of secure passwords. You can save your keys for later use.
Jumble Password for Android:
Create unique and secure passwords with Jumble Password for Android. Password sharing, sending secure messages, and more.

We are the world’s best developer of apps for Firefox, Chrome and
more than 200 others!
Firefox Custom Tabs is a very easy to use plugin
to view and interact with additional tabs created by other

If you like this plugin you can support us on paypal or by
contacting me on this site:
If you have any feedback, send me an email.

– Makes it possible to customize the custom tabs created by
other extensions.
– Allows you to add some information about the extensions
created by the custom tab to the tabs created by other
– You can assign the tabs created by extensions to custom
tabs, and vice versa.
– You can toggle it between them.
– You can keep them permanently visible or hidden.
– You can rearrange them in the order they appear.
– You can turn off the share button when they are hidden.
– You can show more or less information about the extension
in the tab.
– You can drag and drop a tab to another custom tab.
– You can rename a tab.
– You can add a new tab in a custom tab.
– You can close a tab.
– You can close the tab when you touch anywhere in the page.
– You can switch the languages of the extension created by
other extensions.
– You can customize the color of a tab.
– You can modify the color of the tabs created by other

Yext Places is a free & easy-to-use local search service with features
that make finding local businesses faster and easier. Yext Places allows
you to perform local searches in any format with just a few clicks.
No sign-up required.
You can sign up for a free Yext account at

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