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Convert your photo into any format and add a number of other useful options.

Convert photo files to JPG, PNG, BMP, GIF, or TIFF format

Select the output file extension

Manage, process and convert up to 20 photos at a time

Add a watermark to your image with some text

Use it to crop, scale and flip photos

Preview and convert image files in the built-in image viewer

“R.W. Multi Image Resizer” has been tested by our team on Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile, all versions available for 32-bit and 64-bit and requires no additional installation, available in portable version.Q:

How to make an image from a batch file?

I’ve been using convert.exe to make an image from a batch file, but that requires a command-line option, and I’d like to know if there is a batch-file option, similar to how echo.exe has the -e switch, but that is just for the text on the screen.
I need to put that image in a HTML document, and that document will be viewed with no text on the screen.
Is that possible?


The following batch file (on Windows) makes an image file from a text file.

for /f %%a in (‘findstr /b “^” /c:”foo” “c:\path\to\file.txt” ‘) do ECHO convert “c:\path\to\file.txt” -resize “100×100>” “c:\path\to\file.txt.jpg”

You can change the text parameter to your needs (like : Hello World! etc.).
The command will create a file “file.txt.jpg” with your parameter in the filename.
And if you want to open the jpg image file with a browser (like chrome or firefox) just make a link to the file like or “file.txt.jpg”
Hope this can help you 🙂


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The photo editing software CameraBag Photo provides you with a wide array of editing features and effects to enhance your photos. Using various settings, you can modify the camera’s exposure, hue, saturation, gamma curve, shadows, white balance, blur and contrast to create your own unique style. In addition to the presets, you can modify the settings of each effect manually. CameraBag Photo’s main window has a preview function that lets you see the changes you made to your photos right away, as well as the additional options you can use to modify settings. The preview system makes it easy to recognize the photo adjustments you make, even for less experienced users.

CameraBag Photo 1.8.2 – Free photo editor/retouch application for Android

• Optimized for the Android 2.2 and above
• Uses the lowest amount of RAM and space
• If you love free apps, you will love CameraBag Photo.
Editing photo on a smartphone can be a fun and educational activity. Not only you can share your creativity with your friends and family, you can also create a unique masterpiece in your personal portfolio.
CameraBag Photo Photo Editor is designed to help you modify your images without having to leave your phone. Using its wide array of tools and effects, you can modify brightness, contrast, saturation, sharpness, shadows, whites, blur and sharpen to transform your images into a masterpiece.
Using the features and settings that are provided by CameraBag Photo Photo Editor, you can adjust the Photo’s gamma curve and white balance. The app also comes with a self-timer feature to assist you with the photo editing process.
With more than 200 different effects, CameraBag Photo Photo Editor is a great tool to make your photos look stunning. Thanks to its simple user interface, you can quickly apply different photo editing tools to your images and see the results right away. It also comes with a tool that enables you to add custom effects to your pictures.
Although CameraBag Photo Photo Editor can only be used to modify JPEG images, you will find that it is an amazing tool to transform your photos into great masterpieces.
Download CameraBag Photo Photo Editor now and enjoy your photo editing with it. You will love it!
• Brightness, Contrast, Saturation, Sharpness, Whites, Blur and Sharpening
• Image rotation in clockwise and anti-clockwise directions
• Gamma adjustment
• Adjusting

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