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Trustix Enterprise Firewall is a cloud based firewall that is designed to be secure and easy-to-use.
With Trustix Enterprise Firewall, you can easily create and manage a secure and reliable network, regardless of how many devices are connected to your network.
Configuration is just as easy as it is on the Enterprise Firewall, through a WYSIWYG interface, enabling you to understand how it is performing, before deploying it.
The Enterprise Firewall is already preconfigured to protect you from potentially harmful traffic. Now add networking, anti-spam and antivirus policies, with the Enterprise Firewall.
You will be up and running in just 25 minutes, and your firewall will be running in the background as a secure, reliable network layer for all your connected devices.
Trustix Enterprise Firewall represents a revolution within firewall management software. It’s the world’s first WYSIWYG Enterprise Firewall, making it easy-to-use and easy-to-deploy. By utilizing the WYSIWYG GUI, your Enterprise Firewall will be out of the box and implemented in an unbeatable 25 minutes- and without the need for a dedicated systems administrator!
With Trustix Enterprise Firewall, no longer do you have to worry about configuring a firewall. You don’t have to have special skills or qualifications. All you need to do is launch the application, and your firewall will be automatically configured for you.
Trustix Enterprise Firewall can be installed and configured by anyone, who has basic computer knowledge.
Ease of Use:
With the Enterprise Firewall, everyone can protect a network in just 5 minutes.
The intuitive Xsentry GUI makes setting up the Enterprise Firewall a breeze. It’s what you see is what you get. You see exactly what you are going to get.
Advanced Capabilities:
The GUI also enables you to monitor and manage your firewall in real time.
Quick and secure:
The Enterprise Firewall utilises technology such as TCP/IP protocol.
It is capable of fast, secure packet processing.
Virus protection:
With Trustix Enterprise Firewall, you don’t have to worry about viruses. You can rest assured, that you are protected from virus attacks.
Easy to manage:
The Enterprise Firewall is completely WYSIWYG. All the configuring is done from a WYSIWYG interface, and you see exactly what you are going to get eea19f52d2


Easy Recharge Retailer is a handy and reliable application that allows retailers to recharge any prepaid or postpaid mobile, DTH or data-card without Internet connection.
The usage is simple: just enter the customer ID, the mobile number, the amount, select the service provider and let the program do the rest!

– Supports almost all prepaid or postpaid mobile networks in Pakistan and provides customer ID, mobile number, amount, service provider and recharge date, recharge options, status, mobile features, last recharged date, recharge online or by bill
– Supports almost all DTH and Data-cards
– Possibility of adding unlimited recharge numbers. User can enter up to 10 recharge numbers in his account
– Multiple service providers support
– Works both offline and online
– Easy to understand user interface and customer support
– Data is stored in tables
– Can be used with any device
– Work on all operating systems
– Very helpful and simple to use
– This is your solution for unlimited recharge

How to Install this application:
– Download and extract the.ZIP file
– Install the application. It will prompt you for information and you can proceed further
– Once the application is installed, navigate to “Go”, then “Settings” and then “Data card/ mobile phone configuration”.

Here you can configure your numbers manually.

– Once the configuration is done, navigate to “Go” and then “Recharge”. You can do the recharge now!

Please update the application if it is not working properly!

For any help, you can contact us at:
Please ensure to enter valid email address.

Special Remarks:
– Easy Recharge Retailer is under constant development and new features are being added every day.
– If you have any issues, please do not hesitate to contact us!
– You can contact us via email or mobile.
– Our mail server is closed on Sundays.

If you like our app, please leave a review in the Play Store.

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