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FILERECOVERY Standard is a software application dedicated to restoring lost and deleted data from your local hard drives, optical and digital media, as well as some mobile phones. It supports FAT 12, FAT16, FAT32, and NTFS file systems, including EFS, as well as scanning and recovery from HFS formatted volumes.
User interface
The tool sports a clean and intuitive design, and integrates a built-in wizard for helping you carry out the recovery task. This approach is suitable especially for rookies, as they are offered assistance throughout the entire configuration process.
How it works
FILERECOVERY Standard lets you choose the media that best fits your data loss problem (hard drive, memory device, optical media, multimedia/mobile device or RAID system). If you opt for retrieving data from your local hard drive, you may choose the desired volume.
Plus, you need to choose the recovery scenario from several options, such as check out a valid volume in an Explorer-like interface, recover deleted files, recover data from a formatted volume, securely delete files or folders (they are wiped out permanently from your system), enable the disc diagnostic feature for detecting bad blocks, and work with several disk tools for creating and restoring images, and copying discs.
Other handy features to play with
You can preview the files before actually recovering them, check out a scan report which can be printed or saved to plain text file format, view the selected disk in a hex editor, view and recover items from Outlook Express, Outlook, Windows Live Mail, Mozilla, Becky and Eudora.
Configuration settings
Several parameters help you enable the export mode to gain quick access to several advanced features, automatically remove empty folders, choose the verbosity level of the logging messages, as well as apply filters for the scanning mode by file extensions. Plus, you can select the desired file types or make the application filter the items by image, video, audio, application and Office files, as well as text documents.
Furthermore, you are allowed to limit the scan to a certain range of the disk, skip blocks used by the file system on a chosen volume, enable the automatic file naming rules, and ignore all errors during the scan.
Advanced scanning options enable you to automatically block offset detection, limit the file size for the RAW-file analyzer, and try to concatenate broken video stream. Last but not least, you can pick the wiping method and automatically skip bad blocks.
Bottom line
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