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ZenBrowser is a browser that focuses on simplicity, security and good web experience. Based on Google’s Chrome, it keeps Chrome’s stability but removes all the bullsh*t, leaving only what is important.
ZenBrowser is all about staying simple. The product supports only Chrome extensions and we even made some of them, as well as a few features that are not available in Chrome (history, bookmarks, cookies…).
Security is another key point of ZenBrowser. Google is in charge of this: this browser checks your browsing habits in a permission-based way. Privacy & security are the two areas ZenBrowser gives priority to, especially the former, and the results speak for themselves: ZenBrowser adheres to your privacy settings.
ZenBrowser is as stable as Chrome, and its updates are announced in Google Play. ZenBrowser is not a beta product, it is ready for production. If you don’t like what is in Chrome or find a bug, you can be sure you will be notified.
ZenBrowser offers several plugins that are supported by Chrome. Extensions, cookies, history, bookmarks and even the default browser are compatible.
This browser is not going to spy on you. You can set it up to keep your browsing and browsing history in your device. No cloud.
ZenBrowser is not storing your contacts. You can set ZenBrowser to keep only the browsing history.
This app combines the tabs, history, bookmarks, cookies and permissions into one. This lets you use the same browser with multiple devices, one person, etc.
This browser has no ads, no tracking, no annoying features and no bullsh*t. And it can support many extensions, too.
• Tabs: multiple tabs. Click on the tab to switch to it.
• Bookmarks: simple management of bookmarks.
• Cookies: write, read and delete all your cookies.
• History: keep the history.
• Start page: set a new homepage.
• Double clicking: switch tabs by double-clicking on them.
• Right click: close tabs.
• Saving page: read a page and save it to read later.
• Playing HTML5/JavaScript videos: do you like watching eea19f52d2

SH-1 Graphic EQ is a Graphic EQ that based on IIR Filter.
It has 15 band Graphic EQ.
You can choose each 15 wave band(30Hz, 40Hz, 63Hz, 100Hz, 150Hz, 250Hz, 400Hz, 630Hz, 1kHz, 1.5kHz, 2.5kHz, 4kHz, 6.3kHz, 10kHz, 16kHz) from -15 to +15dB.

SH-1 Delay is a 10000ms long Delay. It independently has delay time & feedback.

SH-1 LFO Multi is a Multi Effector that include Wah, Pan and Tremolo.
You can choose lfo wave type from Sine, SawTooth, Square and lfo frequency from 0.1 to 100.0Hz.

SH-1 Reverb is a Reverb that make comfortable and smooth reverberation.
It has 2 wave band EQ and Hi & Lo damp.

SH-1 PhaseShifter is a typical Phase Sifter.
You can choose phaser type from 2, 4, 6stage and lfo frequency from 0.1 to 5.0Hz.

SH-1 Chorus (Chorus/Flanger) is a Chorus/Flanger.
You can choose phaser type from 1, 2,4stage and lfo frequency from 0.1 to 5.0Hz, and more typical value.

I assume that SH-1 is the name of the effect.
I use the package called Digital Effects.
I used the FL1-SH2-12SP-S.
And I’m using with Logic.

If I created the SH-1 Graphic EQ as the Graphic EQ that based on IIR Filter.
I can hear the output of effect by Bass.


The term digital effects is used to refer to effects that can be added to audio after its has been captured or created on-board a piece of audio equipment.
A “digital effect” is something that you can add to a recording/performance/recording/performance… which is why you often see the terms digital effects processor and digital effects processor. When I hear the term effects processor, it usually refers to an equipment unit which is built for one purpose, and it performs only a single type of effect. The term “effects processor” is used to refer to a unit that can be configured to perform a variety of effects