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Purentro is a small but useful tool that was designed in order to provide you with a simple means of playing MIDI files. It also displays the sheet music and a cursor following the notes that are currently being played.
Purentro Features:

It is useful for many reasons.
It allows you to practice your skills while getting used to the keyboard (tenor).
It is also suitable for those who are unable to use a computer keyboard, or are afraid to lose the practice given to them.
It is also simple and easy to handle
How to use?
1. Run Purentro on your computer.
2. Select the instrument that you would like to use.
3. Record the music
4. …

Purentro was made for use with the IC-4. However, you can also use it with other MIDI instruments.
For those who don’t know how to operate a computer keyboard, it is simple to operate. You can use it by connecting to a MIDI keyboard or by recording directly into the MIDI instrument.
Supported instruments:
The IC-4
Max for Live

Oculus VR is a virtual reality headset produced by the company Oculus VR Inc.
The headset has a wide field of view and consists of two 3D lenses, as opposed to the primary stereoscopic 3D display used in other VR headsets. It is focused on providing a better virtual reality experience for users as opposed to other headsets like the HTC Vive or the Microsoft Hololens. It is currently one of the most popular VR headsets.
More than …

Purentro Audio Editor is a simple yet powerful audio recorder with many features.
The most simple one is the recording part. You are given the freedom to record any part of your sound without worrying about whether it fits your needs.
The recording part of the program is fairly easy to use. All you have to do is to click on the record button, and you are ready to go.
Once the recording is completed, you can adjust its settings, …

The program is a digital recorder, with many features.
You can record many types of sound including, but not limited to, human voice, musical instruments, human footsteps, animal calls, human breaths, and many more.
If you find that your voice is not clear enough, you can easily manipulate the sound’s characteristics, including the pitch, eea19f52d2

WinampAC3 Plugin creates a number of sounds which the Winamp can play and records them. The sounds play when the file title is played and record when the file title is closed. The sounds also play from a hot-key combination and the sounds are only made available when the.AC3 file is opened. In addition, the sounds are recorded in the Windows recording device. It is thus possible to record and play back WinampAC3 Plugin sounds in real-time.
Install instructions:
1. Extract the WinampAC3 Plugin zip file and copy its contents into the ‘plugins’ folder in the Winamp 2.x installation directory.
2. When the Winamp is started, go to the ‘Plugins’ menu, select ‘Install Plugins’ and select the WinampAC3 Plugin zip file.
3. The sounds of WinampAC3 Plugin can be heard when the.AC3 file is opened.
WinampAC3 Plugin Features:
1. The Winamp can play and record AC3 sounds.
2. The Winamp can play and record WinampAC3 Plugin sounds.
3. The Winamp can play and record WinampAC3 Plugin sounds from hot-keys.
4. The Winamp can play and record WinampAC3 Plugin sounds from the recording device.
5. WinampAC3 Plugin sounds are made available for every.AC3 file.
6. WinampAC3 Plugin sounds can be disabled.
7. WinampAC3 Plugin sounds are deleted when the.AC3 file is closed.
8. WinampAC3 Plugin sounds are deleted when the Winamp is closed.
9. WinampAC3 Plugin sounds are deleted when the hot-key combination is used to play the.AC3 file.
10. WinampAC3 Plugin sounds are deleted when the Winamp is closed and the recording device is plugged out.
How to turn on WinampAC3 Plugin sounds:
1. Open the Winamp, go to the ‘Plugins’ menu, select ‘Options’ and select ‘Plugin Settings’.
2. In ‘Prevent Winamp from saving your current settings on exit’ enable the check-box next to ‘WinampAC3 Plugin’.
3. Go to the ‘Plugin Settings’ tab and tick the check-box next to ‘Use WinampAC3 Plugin sounds’.
4. Close the ‘Plugin Settings’ tab.
What is a *.AC3 file

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