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Battery Monitor is an application that has a useful design that looks clean, a great interface and a functional application.
It works with any mobile device and works on the following platforms:
■ Android, Symbian, JavaFX, and Windows Mobile.
Battery Monitor features:
■ Graphical representation of the current status of your battery.
■ Graphical representation of the remaining battery charge.
■ A detailed system information widget, displays the following information:
■ Battery status.
■ Memory usage.
■ CPU usage.
■ Cell phone’s IP address.
Battery Monitor application description:
Battery Monitor is a widget that provides a graphical representation of the current status of your battery and the remaining charge.
It shows you the current battery charge status and remaining battery charge.
A detailed system information widget shows you the following information:
■ Battery status.
■ Memory usage.
■ CPU usage.
■ Cell phone’s IP address.
The widget also enables you to connect to the internet through WLAN or Bluetooth connections, or through a mobile phone network.
On WLAN networks, you are able to obtain information and statistics from the Internet, such as:
■ New e-mail messages.
■ Online stock quotes.
■ Live news from RSS feeds.
And you can listen to the music you want with the widget’s playlist manager.
These are just some of the different uses of this widget.
Battery Monitor works on any mobile device and works on any operating system.
Battery Monitor lets you graphically represent the current battery status and remaining battery charge, and provides information about the status of your battery, the memory usage, the CPU usage, and the cell phone’s IP address.
It also lets you listen to the music you want with its playlist manager.
■ Yahoo! Widget Engine
My Superpics Description:
My Superpics is a super cool new way to share, share the world, share your memories.
It’s a free application that enables you to share pictures, videos, sounds, moments with your friends and family.
You can:
■ Add a person to your buddy list and send them a private message.
■ Update the “Today” tab with personal pictures and videos from your camera roll, as well as with pictures you’ve selected from the eea19f52d2


Protect your privacy by safely cleaning all the unnecessary tracks of Internet activities. Each time you surf on Internet, or use other applications, you leave some traces on your hard drive. These

Sometimes when you share your computer with a friend, you would like to ensure that your files are properly preserved before they are being accessed. You might also want to ensure that your friend has all the access they need. DiskCryptor allows you to encrypt, share, and password protect a directory or set of directories using industry-standard AES-256 encryption. You can also set custom passwords for the different folders. With DiskCryptor, you can take full advantage of the encryption features in modern operating systems including Windows Vista and later operating systems.

DiskCryptor is easy to use. Just launch the software, select a folder, and choose whether to encrypt or share the folder. Enter a password and/or expiration date for the folder and click OK to begin encrypting or sharing your folder. The software will create a self-extracting executable. Double-click to extract the executable, and the contents of the folder will be encrypted. All you need to do to open the folder is double-click the file again.


Encryption and sharing: You can password protect a directory or a set of directories, or encrypt a single file or a set of files. You can set different passwords for the different folders. You can also set a custom password for the different folders.

Full access controls: Enable or disable access to the folder. You can set read, write, execute, or read/write permissions. You can also specify the permissions for subfolders.

Hard drive encryption: Enable or disable hard drive encryption.

Encrypted and non-encrypted backups: Keep a backup of the encrypted folder and use DiskCryptor to automatically create an encrypted backup of the folder.

Open in Windows Explorer: Open the folder in Windows Explorer.

Secure file deletion: Delete the encryption key from disk when the computer is shutdown or the folder is deleted.

Automatic encryption: Encrypt all files in the folder and/or subfolders on demand, or every time a file is created, modified, or accessed.

Open source software: DiskCryptor is open source software. You can view the source code for the application, or report any bugs you find to our development team. You can download the source code of DiskCryptor and compile it yourself.


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