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A small free utility for Windows that will help you scan any computer on the internet for open ports.

Detailed description:

IP Pig Port Scanner is a simple Windows freebie that can scan your computer for open ports.
The application doesn’t come with complex features that could confuse users, but instead it focuses just on the essential options to serve its purpose.
That’s why you get a fairly basic interface grouping all settings in just a single screen. Average computer skills should be enough to figure out how to use this app, especially because there’s no help manual available for the time being.
User input is minimal, so you’re only asked to write down the IP address of the target machine and the port rage. A results panel shows the status of each port, while stats are displayed at the bottom of the window.
You can filter the results in order to see only the closed, open or all ports, with brief figures displaying the number of open, closed, filtered and total scanned ports.
As you can see, you’re not allowed to scan an IP range, so only one target at a time is supported.
The good thing is that IP Pig Port Scanner is a pretty fast app and it doesn’t affect the overall system stability in any way. No administrator privileges are required on Windows 7 workstations.
All in all, users trying to completely secure their computers may find the application helpful, but experienced users are very likely to look for a more advanced app. IP Pig Port Scanner has nothing more than very basic port scanning features, while configuration options are completely missing.What’s in a Name? A Name Change and the New Policy

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Hi Manqwah I see that you have posted for help with more issues on this topic.

Manqwah wrote:

My computer randomly restarts during playing games, and it really pisses me off. I can’t play any games because it crashes.

If you were playing a game, and it crashed, you are going to have a bad time trying to fix it, because you will not be able to do it without shutting it off completely.

Manqwah wrote:

I just need to find a solution that will not require me to play online or use a dongle. My Xbox 360 has a screen on it, but it’s not always on and I can’t easily access it. I tried to connect my laptop to my TV, but there is no video output on it, and my other TV doesn’t have video output. I am really bored.

Manqwah wrote:

I’m running Windows 7 64-bit.

You need to uninstall the hardware driver for the video card on your motherboard. If you are using a video card made by Nvidia, you will find this under Device Manager.

Once you have done that, unplug the power from your PC. Don’t just pull the plug, unplug it.

1. Try to play the game again. If the crash occurs again, leave the PC alone for a few hours. Make sure you have enough food and drink in you. When the crash happens, take a look at the screen, monitor, or both, to see if you see any error messages.

2. If you don’t get any error messages, and the game continues to crash when you try to play it, plug the PC back into your power source. Then, run the Troubleshooting Options on the Start menu. Go through the steps, and perform the steps that apply to your situation.

3. If you can’t get the game to run again without a crash, it is possible that your video card has been damaged, or it is not functioning properly. You will have to try a different card to see if it will work.

You are a day late, and a dollar short. A free download and a discount code are posted. It’s the most useful tool for programmers out there.

I have tried this, but the program didn’t help me at all. If I play a game, the computer restarts a