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Start/Stop/Restart servers on your home, work, and intranet networks with the default setting or use password protection.
Web Server – You can create multiple web servers in one program, each with their own web site.
Database Server – You can create multiple databases for one or multiple servers. You can use password protection for these databases.
FTP Server – FTP sites are managed by a Web Server and therefore the FTP Server is created as a subdomain in your Internet domain. You can use password protection for these FTP servers.
Email Server – You can create multiple email servers for different domains. You can use password protection for these email servers. You can also manage POP3, IMAP4 and SMTP servers.
Telnet Server – You can create multiple Telnet servers for multiple users. These servers can be password protected.
Project Management – You can create and manage all the servers at once. You can edit your servers by using a simple interface. The servers can be accessed with a dynamic DNS address.
How to open LiteServe:
1. Download LiteServe and extract the downloaded file.
2. Launch LiteServe from a Windows Start menu and follow the instructions.
We strive to answer all of your questions as quickly as possible. To better support our customers, we have set up a support web page that you can visit here:
LiteServe Help
Shareware Web Site:

The author of LiteServe is:
Mikel Lisi
“I am Mikel Lisi and I have created this web based server manager. I created this software to provide a central web based management tool for the servers on my home, work, and intranet networks. With this software I am now able to manage a large number of servers at the same time. I have also designed this software to be easy to use and easy to install on your home computer. ”

Support for ASP.NET, PHP, Perl, and even ASP classic has never been easier with SyMProtect.NET. Its simple and efficient design, as well as many other advantages, should leave you totally satisfied.

Who says you have to deal with tricky or expensive import or export jobs from the Internet? With Screensaver as a client you can send images, photographs, videos, html-files, zip-archives, or other files and get them back just as you sent them eea19f52d2

Design multiple playlists using a clear-cut layout.
Plainamp is a small yet powerful application designed to offer a simple way to listen to your favorite playlists and songs with ease. Its purpose is to help you create your own lists with an unlimited number of tracks.
The installation is finished in a blink of an eye and proves to be uneventful. It’s wrapped in an accessible and user-friendly interface divided into a song viewer and several standard options, like order, volume, pan, EQ and position.
Populate your database with diverse melodies.
The tool supports both playlist formats (M3U) and audio types (MP3, MP2, MP1). If you don’t have a file saved on the computer, you can easily compose one my inserting the desired tracks into the panel using the file browser.
Once loaded, they are displayed in an alphabetic order, marked with digits and showed along with their complete destination folder. In addition, the app comes with playback controls, which let you play, pause and stop the record at any given time, as well as go back to the previous track or the next.
Tweak the volume and song position, and choose the best EQ.
It’s possible to adjust the volume, position and pan sliders for an optimal experience and change the order in which melodies are played (single, repeat, inverse, random, normal). The equalizer provides a broad range of sound styles to customize the playback sound. Among them you can find classical, club, dance, rock, soft or techno. What’s more, the tool supports plug-ins and comes with a console log to view all the changes you made.
In conclusion.
The bottom line is that Plainamp is a reliable and straightforward application created to offer a simple way to make your own customized playlists using different songs or play an existing list from the computer. During testing, the tool didn’t consume too many resources and run smoothly.
Plainamp Reviewed on 10th March 2018 by Maxie

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