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LingvoSoft Picture Dictionary 2008 Italian – Arabic is an easy to use dictionary that helps you find the word you need quickly and accurately, without the need to know either its spelling or pronunciation. Featuring high quality, colorful pictures for each entry, learning a foreign language has never been easier!
Now new words are memorized faster and more completely through the Picture Dictionary’s proven method of enhanced picture use. Children and adults, beginners and even more advanced speakers will all benefit from this intuitive language learning utility.
The application is fully integrated with LingvoSoft FlashCards, PhraseBook, and Dictionaries to make finding additional information easier than ever before and to extend functionality and usefulness. A customizable interface with a choice of five display languages lets you choose the learning environment that’s right for you.
The free enhanced picture dictionary (latest version) provides:
-An enhanced Picture Dictionary, which is unique in the market with 300,000 high quality, colorful pictures for each word.
-An advanced Picture Dictionary, which is the most comprehensive on the market, with more than 1,000,000 pictures for each word, including large and small type.
-A picture dictionary for each language pair, offering the highest number of words for each language.
-A rapid picture learning system, for more quickly and more easily learning a new language.
-A useful, comprehensive glossary.
-A foreign phrases tool, for beginners who only speak one language, and for advanced users who learn and read in more than one language.
-An advanced and intuitive text recognition tool for faster and more accurate word recognition.
-A powerful search engine, which includes suggestions to find more words and help you find words in related words.
-A selection of audio files for pronunciation practice.
-Various options to customize the dictionary and tool interface, including 5 display languages.
-The picture dictionary for each language and the picture dictionary for each language pair can be updated automatically for all users.
-Complete database of words, including large and small type.
-Complete database of phrases, including translations and audio files for each phrase.
-Possibility of working offline.
-All pictures are stored in an internal memory cache to speed up access.
-Search results can be exported to the clipboard.
-You can share the results with your friends.
-You can import words and phrases directly from other LingvoSoft programs.
-Possibility of importing and exporting the list of words in a text file format, eea19f52d2


Network Printer Controller is a tiny tool designed for users with multiple printers who prefer to use different machines for different networks. For example, if you are using a laptop at work and at home, the app can come in handy as you can set the printers from the two locations based on the network you are connecting to.
Network Printer Controller Features:
• Supports multiple networks (regional and global).
• Supports multiple printers per network.
• Allows you to enable or disable printers and select new default printers.
• Allows you to choose automatic printing.
• Allows you to select printer type (local or network).
• Allows you to choose scan type (local or network).
• Allows you to choose the operating system (Windows XP/7/8/10, Mac OS 10.5+).
• Allows you to select what if you lose or change the printer’s network (no connection, or automatic).
• Allows you to set a timeout period to avoid printer disconnect.
• Allows you to set a printer policy or security for the printers.
• Allows you to manage the printers connected to a network (clear printer status or change the printing queue).
Network Printer Controller Requirements:
• Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10
Network Printer Controller Installation:
• Open the downloaded file
• If asked, confirm that the program should be installed to the default folder
• Run the program
• Select local printers
• The program will create a new local printer
• Select network printers
• A new network printer will be created
Network Printer Controller User guide:
• Windows XP
• Click on the Start button
• Click on Run
• Type cmd
• Click OK
• Type “ipconfig /all” and press enter
• Look for “IPv4 Address”, “IPv4 Gateway” and “IPv4 Subnet mask”