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System Info is a simple tool designed to give you quick access to information about your system in a form that you can read at any time, even if you do not have the system up and running.

SysInfo+ – all information stored on your computer
SysInfo+ is a command-line utility that displays various information related to your computer’s hardware, such as PC DNS name, the domain it belongs to, model, and power state. It’s dedicated for experienced PC users looking to obtain this information quickly, without having to waste time tinkering with a graphical interface.
View and copy system information
Once fired up, the software utility asks you to enter the preferred information class to access. This way, you can find out the memory’s device ID, starting and ending address, network adapter, software (e.g. ID code, install date, current state, path, element ID and state, target OS, version), and so on.
There is no command-line option implemented for dumping the information to file. However, you can copy the text that interests you and press the Enter key to record it in the Clipboard.
No setup necessary, besides.NET Framework
The full package consists of one.exe file that can be downloaded and copied to a custom directory on the disk or external storage device to effortlessly launch the app on any machine.
It doesn’t implement new entries into the Windows registry or generate files or folders on the disk. To get rid of it, you just have to delete this executable. However, because it was developed with the help of.NET Framework, you need this software framework installed to be able to get SysInfo+ up and running.
Evaluation and conclusion
Unsurprisingly from this compact utility, SysInfo+ had minimal impact on the machine’s overall performance, using low CPU and RAM. It remained throughout its runtime, without causing the operating system to hang, crash or show error messages.
On the other hand, it doesn’t have a help manual that lists all possible information classes that can be accessed, making the job more difficult for users to figure out the right keywords.

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As far as I know, no. The only reason I’ve heard someone would have a problem with the 450X on older machines is because of the ATI drivers, and the 550X has never had any eea19f52d2

USB Virus Scanner Software is a software application built specifically for helping you scan USB flash drives for viruses.
The AutoRun function acts as a bridge between your USB device and computer, and allows you to automatically detect the presence of flash drives. On the downside, AutoRun files may carry malicious items or viruses that can easily infiltrate into your system and tweak your settings.
This software empowers you to scan each USB flash drive that is connected to your computer for making sure that it is not infected with harmful threats.
Simple layout
The tool reveals a clean feature lineup where most of the operations are carried out with minimal effort. Everything is kept as simple and clean as possible, so even rookies can learn to configure the dedicated parameters on the breeze.
Basic functionality
USB Virus Scanner Software gives you the possibility to select the device that you want to be scanned for viruses. Plus, you can enable the automatic mode for making the utility scan each USB that is plugged into your computer.
What’s more, you can run the tool at Windows startup and send it in the system tray, check the scan history for additional information about each operation, as well as clear the entire log history with just one click.
On the downside, the program doesn’t allow you to set up permissions for reading, copying, or deleting data from the USB flash drives.
During our testing we have noticed that USB Virus Scanner Software carries out the automatic scanning process very quickly. It remains light on system resources, so the overall performance of the computer is not hampered.
Bottom line
As a conclusion, USB Virus Scanner Software offers a simple yet efficient software solution for helping you scan USB devices on the fly.
USB Virus Scanner Software Screenshots:

USB Virus Scanner Software Full Version Features:
The program lets you scan USB flash drives without loading the applications that are stored on them. You can start the tool from your computer, or by pressing a single key. The feature is customizable, so you can decide which devices need to be scanned and which ones don’t. Moreover, you can select whether you want the utility to be executed at startup.
If the program detects a virus in one of your USB drives, it will inform you about it. That way, you’ll be able to eliminate it as soon as possible.
The interface is simple and clean. It offers all the necessary options in one place.
The software offers two scanning modes:
– In the first mode