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Autoplay is the program that will determine which CD or DVD is displayed when you insert a blank disc into a CD or DVD drive, and then start the playback. With the CD drive correctly configured, Autoplay automatically runs a small “AutoPlay” script.

AUTOPLAY Features:
Autoplay allows you to customize and save the Autoplay scripts that you create. You can change the settings of the AutoPlay scripts and save them to a file that can be easily loaded when you need them.

AUTOPLAY can be started from a shortcut that you create on your desktop or My Computer, or it can be started from a “command” file. If you choose to run Autoplay from a command file, it can be set up to start automatically when you put in the disc, or when you insert the disc into the drive.

You can save the Autoplay settings that you want to use as your default settings.

You can save your Autoplay scripts as “presets”. When you run the program, you can choose which preset you want to use.

The Autoplay features are so simple and easy to use that you will be amazed by how much power Autoplay has at its command. And, you can take advantage of Autoplay to design and create a professional-looking CD or DVD.

Autoplay has been designed to be very fast and simple to use, so you don’t have to be an expert programmer to create great AutoPlay scripts.

Autoplay is an extremely easy-to-use application, and a professional result can be achieved with it in less than 10 minutes. The Autoplay scripts that you create can be saved, modified and customized in almost any way you want.

The CD or DVD drive will be “listened” to automatically, and it will be the “voice of the AutoPlay”. AUTOPLAY gives you all the control you need to add your own professional touch to your own disks, and it’s as easy to use as it can be.

Autoplay is still under active development, and we welcome any suggestions you may have for new features that you would like to see added. Please send any suggestions or ideas for new features to the AUTOPLAY SUPPORT E-MAIL at

The AUTOPLAY application includes the ability to “lock” Autoplay to eea19f52d2

PCL files were created with various graphic packages and those of their users. However, they were seldom edited or converted to PDF with any of those. Then again, PDF files are used in countless applications and are compatible with a wide range of PDF readers, so they are often used as an output format of the graphics program or printer.
Now you can convert your PCL files to PDF with ease, using this program. It allows you to choose the format to be output and the folder to keep the files in. You can even select a hot folder to tell the program to run its monitoring tasks for PCL files automatically.
PCL files are generated when you import images from scanners, cameras, etc. PCL is a standard used to create PostScript files and it is the most common output format of vector graphics. You can use it to create image files or combine them into a PDF file.
You can convert more than one file with a batch, in order to reduce the processing time. It is also possible to change the settings for the output PDF file with great ease.
This software was checked for viruses and was found to be clean. No malicious software was detected.

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