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Windows 9x Password Hacker is a free tool that can quickly crack passwords of Microsoft Windows 9x (NT/2000/ME).
The Windows 9x Password Hacker can crack Windows 9x (NT/2000/ME) passwords, while the password of Windows NT 4.0 and Windows XP are not supported.
Windows 9x Password Hacker Features:
· Backup and crack Windows 9x (NT/2000/ME) passwords
· Password recovery
· SQL injection and remote login
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· Win2k3 password cracker
· Windows 2000 password cracker
· WinXP password cracker
· Windows Vista password cracker
· Windows 7 password cracker
· Windows 8 password cracker
· No limitations on the age of password.
· Password scanner and cracker will work on all versions of Windows 9x (NT/2000/ME).
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ASXEdit is a Java-based utility that is able to open, edit, save and convert ASX files. Although the easiest way to convert a folder of ASX files to WAV is to use a command line tool such as ffmpeg, it is much easier and faster to use an Open Source application that is run directly from the command line.
ASXEdit is designed to be a Java GUI application, but is also available as a command line utility. It should be noted that command line applications tend to be very powerful and there are times when they are more appropriate for the job.
ASXEdit Features:
* Edit, Convert and Load ASX files
* Save ASX files as WAV
* Export to WAV
* Export to MP3
* Export to Ogg Vorbis
* Export to OGG Opus
* Supports multiple audio/visual units within an ASX file
* Mute and Pan audio
* Crop audio
* Select active audio/visual and mute/unmute
* Quickly download files with batching
* Supports multiple download methods
* Supports multiple formats for the same audio/visual
* Supports multiple audio/visual sources
* Supports multiple profiles
* Import ASX files
* Split ASX files (multipart ASX)
* Supports *nix file permissions
* Support for ASX files from HDF5 HD6 archive formats
* Support for multiple video formats
* Supports multiple video resolutions
* Support for NFO/IFO files
* Supports SMPTE timecode
* Allows for multiple audio/visual tracks within an ASX
* Supports multiple video media types
* Supports multiple audio/visual transcoders
* Import of XBMC properties (*.xml)
* Import of Windows Media Player properties (*.txt)
* ASX, M3U and Zune media playlists
* Import of generic playlists
* Import of Windows Media Player playlists
* Import of iTunes playlists
* Import of Windows Media Player playlists
* Import of *nix media playlists
* Import of VLC media playlists
* Import of Kodi media playlists
* File compare
* Support for files with multiple audio/visual formats
* Support for files with multiple tracks
* Support for files with multiple resolution formats
* Support for files with multiple profiles
* Support for files with multiple track resolutions
* Support for files with multiple audio/visual mediaвђћgoogleвђњ-diskas/