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– Recover files with zilch
RecoveryFIX for Windows lets you recover lost files even if they are fragmented and hidden. These “hidden” files cannot be detected by other software or not even by the operating system itself. RecoveryFIX for Windows can scan and detect them.
– Recover files with zilch even if they are fragmented and hidden
RecoveryFIX for Windows is a File Recovery tool that uses proprietary algorithms and a huge database of signatures to instantly find and restore even the most fragmented and hidden files.
– Preview and recover multiple files at once
RecoveryFIX for Windows lets you recover every file at once without having to scan the entire disk.
– Step by step wizard
RecoveryFIX for Windows requires no manual intervention from the user, using a step by step wizard that guides you through the scanning process.
– Find every file including lost, hidden and fragmented files
RecoveryFIX for Windows lets you recover the most common file types such as text files, Excel files, documents, etc. that are located on your system.
– Even find old versions of files
RecoveryFIX for Windows is designed to find every file on the PC regardless of their age or if it was last used or modified.
– Recovery from over 100 formats including many more
RecoveryFIX for Windows recovers any file format from over 100 formats including.jpg,.xlsx,.doc,.docx,.rtf,.htm,.html,.mht,.txt,.ppt,.pptx, etc.
– Recover from over 100 formats including many more
RecoveryFIX for Windows recovers any file format from over 100 formats including.jpg,.xlsx,.doc,.docx,.rtf,.htm,.html,.mht,.txt,.ppt,.pptx, etc.
– Find everything, including some that is almost impossible to recover
RecoveryFIX for Windows supports the recovery of files, even some that are almost impossible to recover like deleted, hidden, fragmented, etc.
– Easy to use for everyone
RecoveryFIX for Windows does not require any manual intervention. It uses a step by step wizard that guides the user through the scanning process.
– Works with almost all Windows versions
RecoveryFIX for Windows works on all Windows versions, from Vista to 10.
– Recover large amounts of files at once
RecoveryFIX for Windows lets you recover large amounts of files at once. eea19f52d2


RonyaSoft PDF Printer is a small software application developed specifically for helping you create PDF files out of any printable documents. The generated PDF items are fully searchable, preserve vector graphics quality, and are compatible with Adobe Acrobat Reader.
You do not need to have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on the target computer in order to make use of the tool’s capabilities. The entire PDF creation process is simplified to a child’s play. It is actually reduced to a few mouse clicks.
How it works
The program offers you the possibility to create PDF files on the breeze. After a fast and simple installation process where you only need to follow the preset steps in order to complete the job, RonyaSoft PDF Printer is deployed on your computer as a virtual printer. The tool works as a virtual printer and is able to save files to PDF file format.
You can export any documents to PDF file format from third-party applications that support the printing function. You simply need to access the ‘Print’ mode and set the program as your preferred printer. In order to carry out the task successfully, you need to specify the file path and filename.
Other important options worth being mentioned enable you to work with font embedding options, save clickable hyperlinks, as well as export Asian and Cyrillic fonts. It is also important to mention that the utility offers support for JPEG/CCITT Group 3-4 image compression capabilities.
Tests have pointed out that RonyaSoft PDF Printer carries out a task quickly and without errors. It does not eat up a lot of CPU and memory resources so you may keep it running in the background without having to worry that it affects the overall performance of the computer.

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After a few and rigorous tests, we have just released a new freeware program that can convert almost any PDF file to Microsoft Office format. The program is called Adobe Reader Converter from Kofax and it offers all the most common ways to convert a PDF file from another format.

Adobe PDF Reader is an Adobe Reader reader for Windows which can be used to view, mark up, modify, print, and extract content from PDF documents. With its latest version Adobe Reader 9, Adobe has made this reader lighter, faster and more compatible with computers with limited resources. You can read, sign, comment, copy, search and create PDF documents.

MP3encore is an application designed to