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Unifier is an advanced utility that gives you the possibility to change the encoding format of text-based files in batch mode. It offers support for TXT, HTML, ASP and PHP items.

Simple setup and GUI

After a brief and uneventful setup operation, you’re greeted by a user-friendly interface represented by a basic window with a neatly structured layout. The main configuration panel may seem overwhelming to unskilled users, though.

Back up the original files or create new ones

At startup, you are informed that you should test the product with dummy files to find out how it works. Worth noting is that Unifier can be asked to either create backups of the original files before changing their encoding method, or to create new files and leave the originals untouched.

Look up files using an advanced search tool

Multiple files can be added to the task list via drag-and-drop support. There’s also a search function implemented for finding and adding filtered files from a specified location. It’s possible to include or exclude files by extension, include or exclude subfolders, keep the original folder structure when creating the new files, as well as use regular expressions. Search settings can be saved to profiles to apply them in future sessions.

Set the old and new encoding mode

It’s necessary to select the source encoding mode for the files, since the application doesn’t automatically detect it. Numerous options are available in this regard, such as Western (Windows or DOS charset), Macintosh Roman, or ISO 8859-1 Latin I. However, when it comes to the output encoding mode, you can choose only between Unicode UTF-8, UTF-16 or Big Endian UTF-16.

Configure output settings, encode and decode Unicode

Unifier can be asked to add UTF-8 charset meta tags to HTML files (UTF-8 only), convert HTML character entities to raw Unicode characters, add byte-order marks, overwrite after backing up the original files, add a prefix to the converted files’ names, or deliver the new files in a custom directory on the disk.

There’s also a Unicode encoding and decoding tool that works with HTML character entities and Java Unicode notations. All settings can be saved to file and later reused.


To wrap it up, Unifier is a resourceful application for converting the encoding method of text documents. CPU and RAM usage was minimal in our tests. Too bad that it’s no longer eea19f52d2

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The PizzaRat Weekly Show – Episode 57: What to Do with that Feeling of Imposter Syndrome
“Some of us see impostor syndrome as a good thing, as it means we’re out-smarting the majority of the world and we’re out-smarting everyone else! We have brains, and they must be doing something because we’re here.”
The secret to building confidence in your skills is to keep practicing them until they become habits. You will start feeling more confident and ready to handle whatever comes at you once you believe you are skilled enough.
We can’t fix impostor syndrome, but there are several tips and tricks we can use to build our confidence in our skills. So just imagine that feeling when you get the job you always dreamed of?
We’re going to talk about what to do with that feeling of impostor syndrome, how to improve it, and how to learn from it.
Here are some topics we will talk about:
– How to start building confidence in your skills?
– What to do with that feeling of impostor syndrome
– How to improve it and move forward
– How to learn from it
– Changing your mindset and becoming more successful
– How to tackle impostor syndrome and be more productive
– Attitude and perspective
In this podcast, you will learn:
– The secret to building confidence in your skills is to keep practicing them until they become habits.
– How to avoid feelings of impostor syndrome.
– Some of us see impostor syndrome as a good thing, as it means we’re out-smarting the majority of the world and we