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May be installed free of charge, it’s a home-grown application designed to archive and decompress files and folders from your computer.

Hanzip is a handy and simple to use application, which works in the background and can save you the time you spend on decompressing or archiving files.
Its minimalist and clear interface and functionality enable you to quickly compress or decompress files without any complications.
However, this is not the only major strength of the utility, as it provides you with numerous options and properties that can prove useful for you when working with the files, which, in turn, also make it a highly advanced compression solution.
As an example, you can specify the archive settings, in terms of size, compression type, password protection, etc. Moreover, it offers you the option to re-compress files in case they get damaged while compression and expansion is in progress.
Moreover, Hanzip supports a wide variety of archive formats, including CAB, DMG, ISO, GZIP, 7Z, RAR, TAR, ZIP, ZIP, Z, and ZIP, XAR, SPLIT, JAR, ISO, ZIP, and CAB.
Hanzip Features:

Compress large files into archives
When you add a file or a folder to an archive, you can set its compression ratio and even its compression type, whether to preserve the original file’s name, and so on.

Extract files from archives
When the archive is ready, you can extract any of its files or folders into the destination folder. However, the “Name” and “Extension” properties of the extracted files remain unchanged.

Advanced archive format support
This compression tool lets you compress files with many different compression methods, including:

Copy of original file.

Compression ratio adjustment.

Compression file types.

Path of original file.

Compression password protection.

Compression buffer.

Save file or folder.

Set compression type.

Set archive creation date and time.

Create archives.

Extract files from archives
It’s also possible to extract files or folders from the archive, and the program lets you choose one or more files to be extracted, including:

Path of original file.


Name of extracted file.

Zip password protection.

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Nsauditor Network Security Auditor is a professional software application that comes in handy especially for network administrators, as it provides a wide range of tools dedicated to network auditing, scanning, and monitoring.
Although it comes packed with many dedicated parameters, the user interface is straightforward and offers quick access to a set of tools. The network monitoring feature gives users the possibility to view the network connections and processes that are currently running on the computer.
Comprehensive tool for network monitoring
The tool displays detailed information for each process, namely TCP and UDP endpoints, local and remote address, hostname, country, service name, and others. Plus, you can close connections and processes, trace route host, and save the data to a plain text file. Furthermore, you can create an audit report based on the vulnerabilities found on in the network services, namely FTP, SMTP, Telnet, NetBIOS, UDP, and others.
Plus, with the NetBIOS auditor function, you can get important information about the computer, such as IP address machine, Ethernet address, adapter producer, as well as details about workstation users, groups, and machines. The auditing process might take some time, especially if you have added multiple IP addresses to be monitored.
Includes a plethora of useful set of tools for network administration
Nsauditor Network Security Auditor enables users to scan networks or a single host for obtaining data about the available hosts, ports, operating systems, and you can pick the scan level (aggressive, normal or polite).  Other important features worth mentioning allow users to check for flaws or vulnerabilities of web servers, scan the local or remote computer for adware, malware and spyware, monitor networks and detect the nodes that are passing through SNMP services, and filter packets by IP, ICMP, TCP, UDP, and others. Statistics can be generated for IP packets (e.g. the number of received, delivered or sent packets, protocol errors), ICMP messages, TCP segments (e.g. timeout algorithm, active and passive connections), and others. Keep your networks protected by thoroughly analyzing possible security issues
All in all, Nsauditor Network Security Auditor proves to be a reliable application that comprises useful features for helping you scan networks and hosts and detect possible vulnerabilities.
Nsauditor Network Security Auditor Screenshot:


I would suggest trying Wireshark and Nsauditor.

Wireshark will decode TCP/IP packets and display protocol stacks for each


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