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● Self-Extracting Windows.EXE file
● Works with both 32- and 64-bit Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10
● Compatible with programs that use “undock” and “tiled” desktop windows
● No installation required
● Run as a Windows service without restart
● Portable – Run any time you want
● No Advanced User Account required
● Batch mode to ease installation

Get CE Desktop Portable

Get CE Desktop Portable contains the portable.EXE file that can be run and installed in any machine without the need of a setup kit. The portable package allows the user to save the application, enabling to run it any time he/she wants without the need to use the original install kit.

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How to use

CE Desktop description

CE Desktop is a small-sized utility designed to help you protect your desktop while viewing sensitive photos, reading personal messages, or performing any other similar activity that requires privacy.
It supplies you with a semi-transparent window with a dark grey tint, which contains only a small visible area. The entire panel can be dragged to any part of the screen using the mouse pointer to hide the monitor while viewing the contents of the visible area.
Has installer and portable counterparts
There are two editions available for users, a setup kit and a portable package. They can be separately used for 32- and 64-bit Windows, depending on which architecture type you have.
The significant difference between these two editions is that the portable one can be saved to a removable storage unit and immediately deployed on any machine. However, you have to download and install.NET Framework unless you already have it, regardless of the edition you’re using.
View only the area inside a horizontal bar
As previously mentioned, the semi-transparent window has a dark tint, and it can be dragged to any part of the desktop (e.g. open window) using the mouse pointer.
Unfortunately, this is where the functionality of CE Desktop ends. It doesn’t have any buttons, menus or other kinds of controls. On top of that, it’s very inconvenient to use due to its fixed dimension, since the window cannot be resized. The means that you’re confined to a horizontal bar with a 1018px width and 60px height for viewing visible contents.
Lacks any options or customization properties
Taking into account the lack of any options,