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Winamp Remote is a small and easy-to-use application designed to allow you to easily control your media player. This Winamp Remote App enables you to control your media player from your computer through a Web browser using the remote. You can pause, skip to next and previous track, increase or decrease the volume and many other such controls. You can also close the media player.

Windows shows the correct date, time, and timezone, however it displays the wrong hour. I double checked the settings for the clock, and it is set to 24hr (whereas it should be 12hr, UTC-6). I also tried a program that told me the time was set correctly (Time Zone Corrector) to no avail. Any ideas?
The date looks correct, but the time is off. Here’s a screenshot:

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By double-checking I found the date to be correct (in fact, it’s 4 hours off, not 6), but the time was off because the time zone was set to GMT-6 instead of UTC-6.
I also found a way to fix the time zone for future reference (as well as for any other non-native Windows users, as I originally posted the question to), and I’ll be sure to note it here if it’s of any use for anybody else.
Since the timezone was set correctly, all I did was click on the “Adjust for Daylight Saving Time” button and everything was fixed.
For future reference, here’s how to fix the timezone:

Close Windows
Open the clock, double-click it, and click on the button that says “Adjust for Daylight Saving Time” (it should be the last button in the window)

You should now have the correct time set.


How do i populate a for loop with random numbers?

i’m new to coding and i was wondering if you can have a function that would randomly generate a number and then add it to a specific position of a for loop, for example…
1st loop (for) = [1,2,3,4]
2nd loop (for) = [5,6,7,8]
3rd loop (for) = [9,10,11,12]
so for example, lets say you input a random number into the program, lets say 15. then the program would generate and add 15 to the 1st 4f8c9c8613

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Scribble+ A powerful note taking app that is free!
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