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Download Ocean FTP Server Free
Ocean FTP Server is a fast, secure and easy to use FTP Server with support for SSL, disk quota limits, bandwidth restrictions, IP restrictions, and a range of security protection options.
Ocean FTP Server offers a full secure web based remote administration and support for virtual folders, real time activity viewer, resume support, real time control and many other features.
Here are some key features of “Ocean FTP Server”:
■ Remote Admin – Full Remote Administration from anywhere via a web browser.
■ Live Administration – Adjust any of the settings, user groups and accounts while the server is online.
■ Live Activity Viewer – Monitor user activity and overall status in real time.
■ ‘Kick User’ and ‘Stop Transfer’ Controls – Live control over currently connected users.
■ Message Control – Edit welcome messages and other server responses.
■ User Groups – Quick and fast account management with powerful group controls.
■ Access Rights – Full independent access control for each account, group and virtual folder.
■ Virtual Folders – Share folders amongst accounts and user groups with individual permissions and quotas.
■ Disk Quotas – Set a maximum space allocation for each account and virtual folder.
■ Banned / Safe IP’s – Control which IP addresses have access to the server and to each account individually.
■ Banned Files – Prevent particular file types from ever being uploaded onto the FTP server.
■ Secret Files / Folders – Hide virtual folders from normal view.
■ Transfer Speed / Throttle Control – Restrict bandwidth allowance for the server and for each account individually.
■ Credits (Upload / Download Ratios) – Control how much accounts can upload and download.
■ Maximum Users – Restrict the maximum number of concurrent sessions for the server and for each account individually.
■ Maximum Users Per IP – Restrict the number of allowed sessions per IP address.
■ Delete to Recycle Bin – Protect deleted files by allowing them to be placed in the recycle bin.
■ Allow User Password Changing – Allow users to change their own password.
■ Control Site to Site Transfers (FXP) – Extra protection against abusive clients.
■ Anti-Hammering – Protect account passwords against brute force attacks.
■ Block ‘Time-Out Prevention’ – Ignore time-out eea19f52d2


Super Network Tunnel is a powerful application designed to safely bypass the limitations of common Internet connections. It can be used to connect to local networks or through an unlimited Internet connection, without being vulnerable to attack.
Support for the following operating systems:
Win 2000, Win XP, Win Vista, Win 7
Supported languages:
English, Chinese, Russian, Arabic, Spanish, Portuguese
Supported languages:
English, Chinese, Russian, Arabic, Spanish, Portuguese
Network and Internet connectivity troubleshooting:
Install and configure a port forwarding router or use the built-in Network Configuration Wizard to setup port forwarding on your router.

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Mozilla Firefox
Powered by the Gecko layout engine, Mozilla Firefox is a free, open-source web browser. The first version was released on 15 September 2004, while the most recent version was released on 11 October 2010.
Firefox is free, cross-platform software, available for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux. The browser is designed to be portable, and runs on computers with as little as 256 MB of RAM, and as long as 2 GB. Firefox is the world’s most popular Web browser.
Firefox can be freely downloaded from the Mozilla website, and it can be used without any further


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