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– Check for file integrity – Generate checksums for selected files, strings, partitions, etc. – Generate hashes from different algorithms – Download the developer code – Seamlessly integrate into your appsI. Field of the Invention
The present invention generally relates to self-contained breathing apparatus and, more particularly, to such apparatus which includes an easily-packaged, lightweight, compact structure which is capable of maintaining a significant amount of air, food and fluid for a sustained period of time.
II. Discussion of the Prior Art
Self-contained breathing apparatus, or scuba, is used in underwater exploration to aid divers in staying underwater for extended periods of time. A typical scuba set includes a regulator, an underwater mask and a buoyancy compensator. The scuba diver’s mouth is connected to the regulator which controls the air pressure inside the diver’s lungs. The mask is also connected to the regulator and provides a window in which the diver can see, through which air is supplied to the diver’s lungs, and through which the diver can exhale. The buoyancy compensator is also connected to the regulator to control the buoyancy of the diver.
Scuba diving, or breathing underwater, requires the diver to remain submerged for an extended period of time. As a result, the supply of air to the diver is by means of a self-contained breathing apparatus. Typically, the air which is provided to the diver is at a pressure which is three times the ambient pressure. In order to allow the diver to maintain a supply of oxygen and to eliminate the possibility of dangerous nitrogen bubbles being passed into the diver’s blood, the regulator is typically placed at a location on the diver’s torso which is several inches above the diver’s lungs.
In the past, scuba sets have been bulky and difficult to transport. Typically, a diver uses several scuba sets while underwater. In the past, a diver would store two scuba sets in his or her boat. Because of the large sizes of the scuba sets, the only places where the scuba sets could be stored were in the boat. This created several problems. A first problem was the difficulty in safely carrying the large scuba sets from the boat to the water. The second problem was the weight of the scuba sets. The problem of weight becomes more significant when the scuba sets were used with a buoyancy compensator. The buoyancy compensator is typically stored separately from the scuba sets. The buoyancy compensator is made in different sizes and


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