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This product offers a high quality screensaver compatible with Mac OS X.
Keymacro will display a series of space shuttle images taken by NASA or the ESA.
Note: Use of this software is free for personal, non-commercial use. You are free to use this screensaver for all legal purposes
KEYMACRO Features:
* 26 Space Shuttle Screensaver images
* 6 Original space shuttle images
* Display of shuttle names as they appear on the shuttle. (eg. Columbia, Challenger, etc.)
* Display of mission dates
* Display of launch sites
* Background music
* Optional auto launch
* Screen saver can run in multiple background modes, such as wall papers, movies, icons, etc.
* A number of options are available for the theme. See the screenshots for details.
* Main Screen and a battery indication
* Screen saver can also be used to turn off the Apple menu.
* Can be controlled with any USB keyboard. See the application notes below for details.
* Display of the last date run by the screen saver.
* Several display options are available: SlideShow, or the slides will be displayed in a window with a stop time.
* Low-energy mode (15 Watt)
* No warm up time (new!)
* No watermark (new!)
* Background music is available.
* Text size can be manually selected.
* No snarky commentary!
* To access the main menu, press option-alt-c.
* To change the size of the text, click on the space bar.
* To cancel the screen saver, press option-c.
* The program uses a fair amount of system resources. If you run out of power, the screen saver will shut down.
* For the time being this product is in beta.
* More features will be added in the future.
* This version of the program was built with good intentions. However, this application is provided as-is. It contains bugs and missing features.
* The application was written by a hobbyist developer to provide a single monitor screensaver for Mac OS X.
* Bugs are fixed as soon as they are found.
* Some screensaver may crash occasionally.
* If you have any problems with the screensaver, please contact the author at
Jord 70238732e0

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Use this macro to create an Escape() – Remove() loop to read the next record in the memory buffer and extract the first line.
Then use it as a macro to add it to the second line.
This macro may be used for any macro with a number of records to read, which is often used when reading data from databases or other sources.
#include “expat.h”
void escape(char *data, int length);
void remove(char *data, int length);
void to_get(char *data, int length);
#define GET_VALUE1 0x27
#define GET_VALUE2 0x2a
#define GET_VALUE3 0x2b
#define GET_VALUE4 0x2c
#define TO_GET_STRING(a) (a[0])
#define TO_GET_STRING_2(a) (a[0])
#define TO_GET_STRING_3(a) (a[0])
#define TO_GET_STRING_4(a) (a[0])
void to_get(char *data, int length)
int i,j,k,a,b;