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Start : [KEYM]
Stop : [KEYM] [KEYM]
Clear : [KEYM] [CLEAR]
Increment : [INC]
Decrement : [DEC]
Add : [ADD]
Subtract : [SUB]
Multiply : [MUL]
Divide : [DIV]
Absolute value : [VAL]
Square root : [SQRT]
Constant : [CON]
Fractions : [FRAC]
Integer : [INT]
Decimal : [DEC]
Fraction : [FRAC]
Variable : [NUM] [NAME] [TEXT]
Integer function : [NUM] [NAME]
Variable function : [NAME]
Variable function : [NAME] [EQUAL] [TEXT]
Plugin : [PLUG] [NAME] [TO] [PLUG]
Plugin : [PLUG] [NAME] [IS] [PLUG]
Plugin : [PLUG] [CLASS] [NAME]
Plugin : [PLUG] [CLASS] [NAME]
Plugin : [PLUG] [CLASS] [NAME] [EQUAL] [TO] [PLUG]
Plugin : [PLUG] [CLASS] [NAME] [TO] [PLUG]
Plugin : [PLUG] [CLASS] [NAME]
Plugin : [PLUG] [CLASS] [NAME] [IS] [PLUG]
Plugin : [PLUG] [CLASS] [NAME] [TO] [PLUG] [KEY]
Plugin : [PLUG] [CLASS] [NAME] [IS] [PLUG] [KEY]
Plugin : [PLUG] [CLASS] [NAME] [TO] [PLUG]
Plugin : [PLUG] [CLASS] [NAME] [IS] [PLUG] [KEY] [KEY]
Plugin : [PLUG] [CLASS] [NAME] [TO] [PLUG] [KEY] [KEY] [KEY]
Plugin : [PLUG 70238732e0

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KeyMacro is a small utility that stores and edits your key combinations. You can easily create, modify and search for your macros.
New Hotkeys support added
Camera support added
README.txt included
README-english.txt included
Winamp Player support added
“Feature Packages” added
“Install.xml” and “Hulu.xml” added
Other minor fixes and enhancements

PokerDice is a simple, easy to use yet powerful random dice roller. It offers a wide range of options, including random results, manual selection of random numbers, splitting numbers in several groups and distributions for numbers, upper and lower bounds.
PokerDice is a Windows application, runs from all Windows versions and has no dependencies.
PokerDice can be used to randomly generate numbers for anything you want.
The window containing the random number generator will be the current window of focus in the system. The next window created will be automatically placed in the focus.
The random number generator windows will be displayed at the top of the system in order of creation.
You can also manually pick random numbers from a range, split them in several parts, choose the number of groups, or choose a distribution.
In addition you can configure different sounds for the different states of the random number generator.
Compatible with all 32 bit versions of Windows: XP, Vista, Win7 and Win8

How to properly stub Promise using Mocha?

I’m writing unit tests using Mocha, and I’m trying to test promises using stubs. Currently, I’ve been using mocha-sinon.
In my test, I’m stubbing the get() method on a promise (I’m using mock-require)
describe(‘get()’, () => {
it(‘returns a promise’, () => {
const mPromise = mockRequire(require(‘../../../app/controllers/user/UserController’));

With the above code, the test passes.
However, if I try to stub promise.catch() as follows:
describe(‘catch()’, () => {

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