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KeyMacro is a powerful utility that can change the Windows keyboard shortcuts. KeyMacro improves the effectiveness of your PC by allowing you to:
• Change the Windows keyboard shortcuts
• Choose the keys that will change
• Make macros to repeat, pause, auto-run, and stop macros
• Create a shortcut on the taskbar for the macro application
• Enforce a macro application to always run
• Delete the macros you don’t want anymore
KeyMacro improves the overall effectiveness of your PC. Your keys, shortcuts, and macros can become more powerful and effective with the use of KeyMacro.
KeyMacro works on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.
KeyMacro creates an icon in the system tray with the following menu:
• Start Menu (for Windows XP)
• Quick Launch (for Windows 7)
• Startup Menu (for Windows Vista)
KeyMacro offers the following functions:
1) Macro Creation: KeyMacro is able to create macros in the following format:
• Press key and KeyMacro will repeat the press of that key
• Press key and KeyMacro will pause, then resume the press of that key
• Press key and KeyMacro will auto-run, then stop the press of that key
• Press key and KeyMacro will run the macro and then stop the press of that key
• Press key and KeyMacro will repeat the press of that key and then pause, resume and then pause the press of that key
• Press key and KeyMacro will run, pause, pause, resume and then stop the press of that key
2) Macro Editing: KeyMacro allows you to edit the above created macros.
3) Macro Recorder: The Macro Recorder feature of KeyMacro allows you to record the actions that you perform and then play them back.
4) Shortcut: KeyMacro can create shortcuts to any program, folder, file or other actions you want.
5) Macro Delete: KeyMacro allows you to delete the macros that you don’t want anymore.
6) Settings: KeyMacro allows you to access its settings.
KeyMacro is intuitive, easy to use and is completely free for Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7. It allows you to change the Windows keyboard shortcuts easily and effectively.
Please note that KeyMacro is a free application, but it includes advertisements that will pop up on your screen 70238732e0

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KeyMacro gives you the ability to perform record macros of any length, with as many keystrokes as you can type. With the ability to add, delete, or rename macros, you can use this handy program to perform any repetitive tasks faster. You can even generate a new macro from an existing one.
KEYMACRO has the ability to write, edit, and edit macros while you are playing video files. After editing, you can save the macro in different formats, such as a text file, HTML file, or even an EXE file. You can use either the Keyboard or Mouse to enter the Macro’s commands, as long as it is part of your macro. You can also view the various commands used to generate a macro in the user’s manual.
KeyMacro is an extremely useful tool for any computer user who needs to perform a series of tasks in quick succession. It can help you save typing time and provide a convenient way to make your computer work more efficiently.
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