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KeyMacro is a powerful extension of Windows operating system which allows users to create macros, that is to say, automated tasks which can be repeated automatically from the keyboard.
The software is designed to let its users record keyboard macros and associate them with tasks, such as launching applications, opening websites or keystrokes. KeyMacro allows users to create keyboard macros and execute them via its associated task. There are several ways to enter a keystroke that is used by KeyMacro, including in combination with the Mouse Keys.
KeyMacro is designed to work in conjunction with Taskbar Quick Tasks, also known as Tasksbar Quick Launch. The keyboard-shortcut task requires no input from the user and is triggered directly via a keyboard shortcut. The shortcut must be configured manually in the Keyboard Settings window, under “Basic” > “Keyboard Shortcuts”, or it can be automatically detected and then configured.
KeyMacro also detects when a Windows Explorer window is open. If this is the case, KeyMacro will automatically launch the required application. You can even have it set up so that it opens Explorer automatically at a certain time. In addition, KeyMacro can automatically open a file or a website. You can configure this using the keystrokes and the required program.
In addition to launching various programs and websites, you can also open programs, documents, or websites on the Internet. Using the mouse, right click or drag-and-drop tasks, KeyMacro can also create a shortcut to an existing Windows application, and display it on the Taskbar.
KeyMacro is capable of recording several keyboard shortcuts. When the user has several shortcuts to configure, they can be grouped in folders. By default, each shortcut is saved in the “Current” folder. You can also create a new folder to store your shortcuts.
KeyMacro can create shortcuts to any program or website, even on other computers. You can, for example, configure shortcuts for opening a website on other computers, such as the Microsoft Office website or any website you wish to visit.
You can also create shortcuts to windows, which can be repeated by default every time you open a window. You can also schedule shortcuts to be run at a particular time. For example, you can create shortcuts that open the browser at 6 AM every morning and at 6 PM every evening.
KeyMacro can create shortcuts for launching applications. When you record the task and associate it with a shortcut 70238732e0

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Create exam (for large class sizes) as a printable document with pages containing a set of questions.
*5? multiple choice, true/false, multiple choice (1-5 options)
*%# correct answers
*-? type in answer
?* correct/incorrect
Your answers and correct answers are evaluated using the answer key.
The program can be accessed in any browser. If the browser is not working, see the demo on the website.
Be sure to check out the website for full details.
To install the program, unzip the entire zip file to a folder. Run the exe from the folder.
Feel free to write to the developer at
Thank you.
If you like my software, please support me through the PayPal link in the website. Thank you.

Home Page:

Forum Page:

In the Forums, you can post new user questions and/or feature requests or submit an improvement to the existing application.

Downloads Page:

This is the download page for the Kaldin application. There is an archived version available for Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7. This version does not include the HTML tables or the PDF Help file. (NOTE: the link to the Windows version is broken and you must download the zip file instead).

For new users:

You can create an account on our forums here. Use the same login credentials you use to download Kaldin.

If you have questions about the application or website, please use the forums.

We have a contest. If you are interested in winning a Kaldin contest shirt, send us an email at

Having trouble using the software? See the FAQs page here
If you don’t find an answer to your question in the FAQs page, or in the software documentation, please use the support form here

The Kaldin website has the latest version of the application and the new, updated version of the FAQs.

Kaldin was developed by Richard Wang (Texas A&M – Commerce, 1992), using a Java Programming language. Kaldin is now

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