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This is a utility which helps Mac users of Mac OS X with installing and using your Keylogger or Keystroke Logger’s Logs to automatically send to PC via Email.
KEYMACRO Features:
Automatically collects the data from Keystroke Logger, uses it to create individual emails for each log record
The program also supports multiple PCs.

In the early days of the pc, ordinary computer users were allowed only to run very simple programs.
One of the first applications was just a calculator, and it was fun to use.
Then, around 1980, applications like word processors and spreadsheets started to appear.
The difference with these programs was that ordinary users could edit them.
A few years later, the introduction of personal computers connected to the internet allowed ordinary users to post their own programs and share them with others.
These developments gradually transformed the ordinary user into a computer user.
Later, with the introduction of smartphones and tablets, ordinary users started to demand more.
As these technologies became mainstream, programmers started to develop apps for everyday life, and ordinary users started demanding various features from their applications.
In fact, more and more app developers started to offer users more advanced features in their programs.
And ordinary users started to expect more from their apps.
No wonder there has been an enormous change in the development process of smartphone apps.
Ordinary users have now become “app developers”.
The most recent development in the smartphone software development industry is the rise of app development platforms.
There are numerous app development platforms, and the different platforms have different features, from how to easily design apps to how to manage the creation process.
The most popular app development platforms include APK, Xamarin, and Unity.
One of the most successful app development platforms is the Ubuntu based Xamarin, which was created by Microsoft.
Because it has so many features, it can be used for a variety of purposes.
I’m going to explain more about Xamarin in this review.

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Keymacro is a unique keylogger which has a few distinctive features. Apart from the standard keylogging functionality, the program also offers an antivirus engine to safeguard your PC from keylogging malware.
Moreover, Keymacro is equipped with a tool to recover deleted data from the registry. It can recover deleted registry entries even if they have been encrypted. The recovery tool can scan the entire registry and display the data in a list. Additionally, the program provides a system information panel where you can get detailed system information.
Keymacro features a simple and user-friendly interface. The keylogging function of the software is very straightforward and simple to use. The software can automatically capture keys being typed by the user. It is an automated system which is quick to install and runs in the background.
Keymacro can be used to capture the keystrokes in the following formats:
1. X-windows
2. TUI
3. DOS
4. EPP
5. ConEmu
6. AutoIt
7. AutoHotKey
8. Keyboard Layout
9. AWK
10. KBDB
11. TIS Plus
12. VBScript
13. VBS
14. SYS
15. VBScript
16. SSF
The demo version is available for download with all the features.
The trial version of Keymacro allows you to record up to 5 seconds worth of keys. The records are stored in a text file which can be opened later using a text editor. You can also save and organize the recordings into folders.
Keymacro has an inbuilt Antivirus engine which is capable of detecting all kinds of keylogging malware. You can scan your computer files for any type of keylogging malware. Keymacro offers the easiest way of recovering deleted data from the registry. It can also scan the entire registry and display the data in a list. You can even scan for deleted encrypted registry entries.
Keymacro provides a System information panel where you can get detailed information about your PC. You can also get detailed information about your network and Internet connections.
You can use the built-in Registry Explorer to recover deleted registry keys. It has a graphical interface and can scan the entire registry and display the data in a list. You can also scan for deleted encrypted registry keys. You can also recover your network and Internet connections.
Keymacro offers the ability to customize

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