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Customizable keyboard and mouse macros.
Every keyboard and mouse button can be assigned a specific action by a macro.
KEYMACRO can make even the most complicated tasks easy and fast.
Add or remove macros to your liking.
Perform multiple commands in single macro button press.
Add unlimited number of macros to your system.
Support text, photo, or voice macros.
Extensive keyboard & mouse configuration options.
Keymacro Professional FAQ:
How do I create a keyboard macro?
Simple. To create a new macro, simply open the macro window by clicking on the Macro button and press the required key (or mouse button) to start the macro.
When the macro is finished, click the Stop button to close the macro window.
How do I edit existing macros?
Easy. Simply open the Macro window and choose the needed macro. Then edit the macro text (e.g. remove spaces or replace letters) by clicking on the edit button.
Click the Update button to have your changes applied immediately.
Is it possible to have macros in other programs?
Yes, the feature is called External Macro. It allows you to add macros to other programs and even to your web browser.
You can create macros for any program you like. You just need to run a special executable file.
How do I assign a macro to a key or mouse button?
Just open the Macro window, select the required macro and click the Assign button.
Click the Add button to assign a new macro button.
Or, if you have an old Macromedia Keymacro version you can use the Repair button.
If you have a recent or old Macromedia software version you can repair it and update to the current version.
How can I add and edit macros?
There are two ways to add or edit macros.
With the first method you will be able to add and edit macros for existing Macromedia macros but you can not use them for editing external macros.
With the second method you will be able to use both of them for adding and editing macros.
With the first method.
Open the Macro window by clicking on the Macro button.
Select the macros you want to edit.
Make necessary changes to the text by pressing the edit button.
Click the Add button to add a new macro.
Click the Update button to have your changes applied immediately.
Click the Remove button to remove the macro.
Close the Macro window when you are 70238732e0

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– Convert a Tradeshift app manifest to a directory structure where encoded parts are decoded and editable in any directory
– Convert the decoded parts back to a Tradeshift app manifest
– Ability to export a Tradeshift manifest back to the original file.
– Ability to fix encoding errors in the manifest
– Ability to convert all files in a directory, regardless of file type

By default, the keymacro encodes all data in your manifest in Base64. This is useful, for example, when you send the manifest file to someone over email, or use Tradeshift’s desktop application. In this case, it is important that the manifest can be read back into Tradeshift without any error, since if you open the manifest file in Tradeshift it will crash.
However, if you wish to encrypt your manifest with a symmetric algorithm, like AES or Twofish, it is important that you use the same encryption on the original file as you do on the converted file.
If you wish to do this, the keymacro also allows you to specify an encryption algorithm and strength in the manifest.

To use the keymacro, run it from a directory with the app manifest that you wish to convert. The keymacro also requires a password for decryption and it will prompt you for the password and encryption algorithm in the Keymacro window.
The output should be a directory structure like this:
This directory will contain three files:
– manifest.xml.decrypted
– manifest.xml.encryption
– Tradeshift.xml

The manifest.xml file will be your manifest and the Tradeshift.xml file will be the converted manifest.
There will also be a data.csv file in the same directory that contains the information for the converted manifest. This file is a csv file that lists all the name-value pairs that are contained in your manifest file.
KEYMACRO is free software, and can be used for personal and commercial purposes. See the LICENSE file for more information.

An example of KEYMACRO usage can be found below.

It is also possible to specify a directory as an input to KEYMACRO, to convert the contents of a directory into the directory structure above.
For example:
KEYMACRO -encryptor AES /c/Users/jbirch/Desktop