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KEYMACRO is a complete replacement for the IPCop/KISP/FVTCP/PCICLOUD firewall solution.
Our goal is to provide you with a free simple to use firewall that can handle complex security protocols.
KEYMACRO is based on several innovative solutions.
It uses a combination of several protocol rewriting rules that can handle in real time new security protocols that are implemented.
KEYMACRO can block or allow connections, data, and applications based on security policies that can be configured by users using a graphical interface.
KEYMACRO is also unique because it has been designed with a fully scalable architecture that will be able to use the resources of any current operating system
Out-of-the-box configurations can be set up to work with any of the popular Internet Service Providers.
KEYMACRO is compatible with all the most recent firewall configurations, so any other firewall software will work with it.
Full source code is provided in the download and the program is designed so that it can be used by any user.
Keymacro uses 1-2GB of memory and may be slower than other similar firewalls, but still faster than legacy “TTL” firewalls.
Currently there are no known bugs.

Mobile privacy protection is a growing concern for consumers and businesses today. With over 5 billion people expected to access the internet by 2017, according to the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), security is a significant concern.
Security can become an issue if information is exposed to unapproved parties. Using a Virtual Private Network (VPN) can provide some privacy but it is not a complete solution. VPNs can be hacked, can be problematic when used on public networks or when used with mobile devices.
NordVPN is a secure mobile VPN that can protect your privacy on all your devices: laptop, tablet, mobile phone, smartwatch and so on.
With NordVPN you can:
■ Configure NordVPN to your liking
■ Connect to your device whenever and wherever you want
■ Surf the internet anonymously and securely, with no limits
■ Browse fast and without latency
■ Use No-Logs policy
■ Avoid bandwidth and data caps
■ Choose DNS Servers of your choice
■ Configure NordVPN with mobile devices
■ Configure each connection with different AES-256 encryption (128-bit keys are also available)
■ 70238732e0

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(KeyMacro features a completely free one year trial of their software before you have to make a purchase. KeyMacro will ask you to register and login to your KeyMacro account) Read more →

We introduce the trial version of the game Virtual Tekken Tournament. Using this game, you can compete with your friends in a tournament and perform real Tekken techniques. Here you can find the order of events, partners and will need a registered copy of the game for play.

Virtual Tekken Tournament Download

Key Features:

Real gameplay!

Play in the Virtual Tekken Tournament – uses both Tekken 3 and Tekken 4 engines.

No account restrictions – compete with your friends.

3 main characters – JpnKen (Tekken 3), Jenova (Tekken 4) and Barbaloot (Tekken 4).

Play with your friends – you can play tournaments against your friends.

Play with a player – there are several alternatives to play against you.

Play against a player – both matches (on PS3) and vs. CPU

Online – play against other players from all around the world.

Key macros and dynamics – each of the characters has a set of macros.

The game allows you to choose several types of gameplay including:

Opponent – you can choose your opponent from several alternatives and match with them (online mode only)

Opponent Mode – you can set the music and colors of the characters, plus other options

Online Mode – you can choose between two games modes: tournament or practice.

Practice Mode – you can select the time of the day or night and choose a character.

Real game modes – all the game modes from the game.

The game offers a variety of game modes, including:

View modes:

Gameplay – you can play in any mode.

Scoreboard – see your own score and see the team you are playing with.

Friend list – see all your friends.

Chat – Chat with your friends.

Character creation – you can create your own character.

Playlist – choose your own playlist of games.

Options – parameters of the game (AI speed, max number of players, etc.).


Start – play one of the game modes.

Game modes:

Online – you can play online with other players.

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