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The Lightbox is an easy way to transform your images into a consistent look. It’s especially useful to create quick photo montages with your images.

With the Lightbox you can choose from various presets or modify the look with your own customizations.
Backdrop Designer Description:

Full Screen:

Full Screen mode allows you to view your images in a full screen environment. Here you can create your own photo gallery with all images or create a slideshow using your custom images.

With Full Screen mode you can choose from a range of presets and modify the look.

Backdrop Designer Description:

Live Shutter:

Live Shutter mode allows you to preview your images as they would appear when taken on your camera. The shutter speed can be set to be slower or faster and the picture can be previewed in real-time. The Live Shutter will also allow you to check how the light is diffusing on the image, since the photo will appear with the exact light you shot it in.

With the Live Shutter you can preview your image before taking it or modifying the look with your own customizations.
Backdrop Designer Description:

Image Effects:

Use the available Image Effects to add further finishing touches to your images. All effects can be applied individually or on a group of images.

In addition to all of the above, Backdrop Designer allows you to export images as JPG files, that you can use on your website.

Backdrop Designer Benefits:

#1 – Consistency

Since the same background will be used throughout your website, a consistent look and feel will be obtained.

#2 – Save time and effort

With Backdrop Designer you can quickly create a background for your images.

#3 – Save money

Creating a background for your images with Backdrop Designer is relatively inexpensive.

#4 – Improve image quality

With Backdrop Designer your images can be enhanced with a consistent background.

#5 – Increase website popularity

Backdrop Designer can be added to websites of all types.

#6 – No technical knowledge required

Backdrop Designer can be added to any website, regardless of its code.

#7 – Can be used for any purpose

You can use Backdrop Designer to create a photo background for a photo album, a website or a slide show.

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FULL Geometer’s Sketchpad 4.07

– Overwrite existing orbits
– Make different configurations of Arenstorf orbits
– Save your configuration
– Show your configuration in an animation
– Review each configuration by clicking on it
– View the orbit of each body with graphical indicators
– View the orbital elements of each body
– Demonstrate the obliquity of each orbit
– Find the maximum distance from the third body of any body
– Review the associated Lagrangian stability chart
– Create your own configuration
– View your configuration in an animation
– Review the stability of your configuration
– View each body and the orbital elements of each body
– Create a simulation of your configuration
– Compare the stability of your simulation with the stability of the original configuration
– Test the maximum separation of each orbit
– Make a vector plot of the orbits
– Make a surface plot of the orbits
– Draw the trajectory of the third body
– Create a frequency plot for your configuration

Tobi is a simulator of the actual flight of the NASA “Goddard-Cooper-Draper-Bell spacecraft. It can be used to generate or study models of the orbits of the spacecraft. Also, it can simulate the mission of an actual flight or it can simulate various errors of the actual flight.
More information at

A Newtonian N-Body model for rigid bodies orbiting a central mass.
All the bodies are assumed to have the same mass, and all have the same (constant) radius.
Note that the bodies are all treated as rigid (i.e. the center of mass is taken to be coincident with the center of mass of the system, which is a reasonable approximation when the bodies are not very massive and their mutual attraction is not great, but will produce an error in the simulation of close flybys).

A simple simulator of a space ship system.
The system consists of one “driver” ship, a number of “minor” ships and a number of “nodes” in between the ships.
The system is fully Newtonian, i.e. the inter-ship forces are determined by their respective distances and the masses of the ships.
The system is fully rotational, i.e. the planets are considered to be “fixed” at the locations they would have if the whole system were in zero-G.
The ships