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1. How to create macros or keymapping for Excel
2. Import data from Google Sheet and Create a Form
3. Import data from SQL Server and Create a Form

Excel Sample Files

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1 of 5You can launch Excel 2003 with various options to modify the way that the program runs. You can specify the default printer, which programs are included in the initial setup wizard, and the default settings for any new files that you create.
You can also modify how Excel handles loading, repairing, or saving files.
Here are some of the more popular options:
Remove the pop-up options
If you never want to see those wizard-like pop-up windows, you can remove Excel from the Process Menus, as discussed on Microsoft’s Web site.
Select the process menu from the Microsoft Office button and choose Excel Options. On the General tab, uncheck Show File Open and Save Options and Show Initial Options.
Choose whether to display the File Open and File Save dialog boxes
If you choose the option to display the File Open and Save dialog boxes, you can hide these files by right-clicking on the blank spaces in the data entry, analysis, and graphics areas of the workbook and selecting Hide from the menu that appears.
Close the Excel Options box
If you decide to change your default settings for Excel, you should close the Excel Options box by clicking on the X icon. If you do not close the box, the next time you open Excel, you might have to reload your workbook data.
There are many other ways to configure Excel. The most common way to access the options for the program is to open the File Open dialog box and choose Options from the drop-down menu at the top of the dialog box. In this manner, you can access the General tab in the Excel Options dialog box.
Use the Appraisal mode
If you want to create a spreadsheet that can be used by others, you can use the Appraisal mode.
To access this mode, open the file you want to use and select Appraisal from the File menu. The file changes to the standard options box and you can enter the name of the spreadsheet.
To add other users to your Appraisal mode file, use the Options menu and select Share. On the Share Workbook dialog box, choose the name of the person to whom you want to give access to the Appraisal mode workbook.
Excel 2003 also lets 70238732e0

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KEYMACRO lets you assign macros to any number of keys on your keyboard. It lets you launch external programs and send keystrokes to any application. You can launch any program, file or URL and send keystrokes to any application at the same time by means of a macro.
KEYMACRO is a plugin to the excellent AutoHotkey utility, which can do a similar job. While KEYMACRO is much simpler and more powerful, AutoHotkey is a very flexible tool with great functionality.
As you may have noticed, this is not the only application that allows you to create and assign keystrokes. KeyTrap and KeyLite are two other examples that fall into the same category.
Instead of having to set up KeyLite or KeyTrap every time you want to use it, KEYMACRO can automatically run when you start your computer. It also lets you assign macros to key combinations you regularly use, which means you can assign any key to any key combination. This makes it easy to have your favorite combination open different applications.
When you launch KEYMACRO, the program displays the key combinations you have already assigned macros to. To create a new macro, just press the key you want to assign to it.
The plugin will then create a new macro that you can assign a name to and drag it onto the screen. You can now press that combination of keys to launch the macro you just created. It doesn’t matter whether it is a single key combination or a sequence of keystrokes.
When you create a macro, you have the option to send a keystroke to any application, a file or a URL. To do this, just select one of those options and press the assign button.
You can assign up to five macros to a key combination and assign a number to each of them. This means you can assign up to five macros to a key combination and run each of them by pressing its number. For example, you can create a macro that opens your web browser and then opens a specific website. The number 1 will open the browser, and the URL will be entered manually. The number 2 will open the browser and open the website you want to visit.
KEYMACRO is the perfect solution for people who use multiple applications regularly. You can assign macros to combinations of keys that you regularly use. This means you can have a macro open your web browser, another one open your RSS feed reader and one more that opens an application to search for a]camtasia