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Thumbnailator is made up of two classes: Thumbnailator and ThumbnailatorFactory. Thumbnailator is responsible for the various image processing tasks, while ThumbnailatorFactory is responsible for creating the Thumbnailator instances.
ThumbnailatorFactory is an abstract class. The ThumbnailatorFactory base class has a default implementation that uses Java 2D to scale down and blur the image. The default implementation is not optimal, but it is fast. It only supports grayscale and 8-bit images.
Other implementations of the ThumbnailatorFactory base class are available that are able to scale images down to any size and support any number of color channels.

This demo creates one ThumbnailatorFactory instance to process image files found in a specific directory and use the “GrayScale” ThumbnailatorFactory to do so.

import com.cavium.thumbnailator.ThumbnailatorFactory;
import com.cavium.thumbnailator.Thumbnailator;
import java.awt.image.BufferedImage;
import java.io.File;
import java.io.IOException;

* This application demonstrates how to use Thumbnailator to create
* images from files found in a directory.
* @author Jeff Layton
* @version 1.0

public class ThumbnailatorDemo {

* Main method. The application starts the ThumbnailatorFactory,
* which will create the Thumbnailator objects.
* @param args Not used.

public static void main(String[] args) {

// ThumbnailatorFactory instance to create Thumbnailator objects.
ThumbnailatorFactory factory = new ThumbnailatorFactory();

// A custom Thumbnailator instance that will be used to create
// and resize images from image files found in a specific directory.
// This instance supports 8-bit grayscale, so it is used here.
Thumbnailator grayscale = factory.create(Thumbnailator.class,
“Image I/O API; Java 2D API; 70238732e0

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