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This is the source code for Microsoft Project Exchange (MPX) and Primavera user defined data Macro keywords.
KEYMACRO is a Microsoft Macro Assembler (MASM) project and is written in Visual Basic for Applications. The project contains MASM code for the data macros, together with VB code for handling the macros.
KEYMACRO is designed to give a programmer the flexibility to use his own macros as a way of simplifying his work and of extending the power of Microsoft Project.
KEYMACRO includes:
· Keywords for generating user defined macros
· Database support functions for printing out data from the selected database to a file
· Support routines for connecting to Microsoft Project Exchange databases
· Support routines for reading a database file
· Support routines for writing to a database file
The project contains 32-bit VBA macros, and 16-bit VBA and 32-bit Assembler.
KEYMACRO is compatible with Visual Basic 6.0, Visual Basic 5.0, Visual Basic 4.0, and Visual Basic 3.0 (including VC++ 5.0).
This project can be used for both 32-bit and 64-bit systems.
README.TXT File Details:
This file contains information about using the project. It includes the project name, version, size and date of last change. It also includes information about any options and macros included in the project.
Please see the documentation for the macros and keywords included in the project.
This project uses the Visual Basic 6.0 format and is therefore a 32-bit project.
· What is a Macro in Microsoft Project?
· What are User Defined Data Macros?
Keyboard Shortcuts:
· Ctrl + Shift + P
To install, double click the file Install.vbs and follow the onscreen prompts.
To uninstall, double click Uninstall.vbs and follow the onscreen prompts.
The program file Install.vbs contains code to install the application and to verify that it is correctly installed. The file Uninstall.vbs contains code to uninstall the application.
All versions of Windows.
Known issues:
• The database code can write to the registry in some circumstances. This is a known issue and is being investigated.

MPXJ (Microsoft Project Exchange) is a library that offers a set of facilities to allow project information to be manipulated in.Net and Java.
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KeyMacro is a program that provides a handy and easy-to-use solution for creating macro
s. You can use it to record mouse clicks. This helps you to speed up your work by recording
mouse clicks on a large number of web pages. You can easily record mouse clicks for complex,
multimedia programs and websites.
Easy to use:
KeyMacro can record any mouse click: from a single key press to multiple clicks. You can
record mouse clicks at any speed, even very fast ones.
It is very convenient to use:
KeyMacro saves recorded mouse clicks in a file, which you can load to replay the mouse clicks.
In addition, it has many other features, such as inserting shapes, text, and hotspots into your
recording. You can also save macros in the recording file and save them as macros.
KeyMacro supports over 90 pre-installed color themes. This lets you easily identify recorded
keys and mouse clicks. You can save and load macros with different color themes.
Save & play:
KeyMacro can save recorded macros into the recording file, and automatically play the
Powerful function:
KeyMacro offers a variety of functions, such as undo/redo, brightness adjustment, and
many others. You can use the functions to customize your macros.
Powerful recorder:
KeyMacro can record from a list, control applications, and use the keyboard. This feature
enables you to record your mouse clicks at any speed. It supports over 90 pre-installed keyboard
mapping schemes, and you can easily create your own mappings.
Enhancement Functions:
KeyMacro also provides enhancement functions, such as Cut, Copy, Paste, Screen capture, and
many others. You can customize these functions to your liking.
– Automatic macro recorder: Record mouse clicks or keystrokes with a single click.
– Record macros from a list: Record mouse clicks or keystrokes with a single click.
– Drag and drop: Drag and drop your recorded macros to any position of your choice.
– Fast recording: Record mouse clicks or keystrokes at any speed.
– Over 90 pre-installed color themes: More than 90 pre-installed color themes are included
for saving and playing macros.
– Full keyboard mapping: Record from the keyboard.
– Undo/redo function: Undo/redo the last operation of