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This software does have its downsides, though.
Clipcomrade is a pretty easy application to use, but it does not have many options to make it function even more intuitively. One example is the general search. This only takes place when you have entered a keyword into the field, but it does not offer an option to find specific clipboards where the keyword is on them. On the side of positives, however, this program is quite small, lightweight and doesn’t take 66cf4387b8

ObjectPrint Logger requires minimal resources and runs in the background of a Windows machine. If there are problems, you can press CTRL+ALT+DELETE to open Task Manager (Windows 7 only) or CTRL + ALT + D to open the Windows Task Manager and end the program.
Print file history:
Record the history of all print jobs.
Print queue:
Print your jobs in a ready to go queue.
Resume printing when disconnected from the network